Greetings to all Tarra-ha-tikas (Light Workers):

Welcome to the Alukar Heights site. Alukar Heights is the name of the property where my family and I - including all the pets - reside. This first posting is dedicated to our friends of the Class III animal kingdom. It is also dedicated to all of you who understand the feeling of a beautiful, unconditional, loving bond between people and their pets/animal friends.

When someone close to you dies, may he or she be a human or an animal, the physical death is a strange and sometimes mystical time. It is a time of change and knowing that things will not be the same again.

When an animal dies - a family pet or one with whom you have shared a special bond - you feel a part of you is lost. Your memories of the one you lost are diminished. The thought that you can never again see or hug your beloved pet can be rather painful and unsettling. You are often traumatised by the loss and your main concern is whether your pet is all right. Guilt often accompanies the feeling of loss and sadness.

Physical death brings about a transition from one state of being into another. The physical body of any living thing ceases at death, but the spirit or consciousness of the being lives on.

René Descartes, the seventeenth century philosopher, like many others, including the Church Fathers, declared that animals have no "souls". Therefore, according to these people, when an animal dies, it is the end of its existence.

Descartes was wrong when he claimed that animals have no "souls". Had he carried his most famous thought, "cognito ergo sum," (I think, therefore I am) to its logical conclusion, he would have realised that animals think, therefore they are. Hence, according to his own argument, animals should possess "souls".

Descartes thought that animals' inability to reason was demonstrated by their inability to use language and he took this to show that animals have no "souls" – that they are not sentient.

Little do many realise that animals do have their own form of language and reasoning.

Animals do have consciousnesses that survive the physical death. When an animal leaves early – for whatever reason – its transition time is usually longer than one whose earthly time is up.

Many people, including me, have seen their deceased pets after the animals have left the physical. Although the desire to see their deceased pets again could delude some people into thinking that they really saw their pets after they died, in many cases the vision is not delusional.

The death of a living biological being gives the survivors a great sense of futility, confusion and reminds some of them of the evil of suffering. The lingering torture of watching an animal die slowly and painfully through disease, injury or old age, can be very traumatising. But death is not the finality of existence.

At Alukar Heights we have "lost" quite a few of our pets in the last eighteen months. Most of them have "returned" to let us know that they are happy and well. I can assure you that these appearances were not due to delusions, the effects of the grieving process or the great desire to hang onto them; I can recognise their individual vibrational energy.

You can help dying animals by surrounding them with your love, kind thoughts and prayers, and by simply being there to comfort and accompany them in their last hours. The following are just a few stories of transition of some of our dearly beloved pets.

Qualika, our pet dog, was a chihuahua-silky terrier mix. She was bouncy and confident. She would often come running across a room at full speed and jump into your hands or onto your lap, fully expecting that you would catch her whether you were looking at her or not.

Our beautiful Qualika was one of a litter of four, which included Lisa, Mimi and Samson. She was feeling lost when her sister Lisa died when she was seven years old. It was only six months after Lisa's death that Qualika suddenly took ill. It appeared to the vets who saw her within the week of her death that she might have some sort of infection, but they did not really know what was wrong with her. However, they admitted after Qualika's death that they were quite surprised by her death.

I looked at Qualika and her aura on the day before she died and knew that she was going to leave the physical very soon. However, she displayed many signs of recovering from the illness. Her appetite returned and she ate an entire chicken wing the day before she died.

On her last night in the physical, I could feel a throbbing pain in my head and knew that I was picking it up from Qualika. Shortly after picking up this discomfort, I noticed her forehead began pulsating violently. Soon it was obvious that she was feeling very poorly. Other dogs in the house could sense something was terribly wrong.

We had placed Qualika in a bedroom and stayed with her, away from the other dogs so she could rest more quietly. Toby, one of her closest playmates, was very unsettled during this time, and was quite insistent that he be allowed to see her. Finally, we carried him into the bedroom, and once he saw Qualika, he settled down, left the bedroom, and remained quiet the rest of the evening. Mimi, her sister who would normally fight with her, wanted to see her too, and licked Qualika on the face, something we have not seen Mimi do before.

As the night wore on, Qualika became weaker and weaker. We suspected she had only a little time left. Tarzuma was overseas at the time of this ordeal, but we could feel his presence quite strongly and realised that he had come in the subtle level to visit before Qualika died. Qualika lifted her head at this time, then rose up on her wobbly legs and made an arduous effort to cross the bed, in acknowledgement of his presence. After he left, Qualika lay down for the last time. About an hour before she died, the room was suddenly filled with green energy and several beings including Toffino, came to visit her. She would look up at the ceiling each time she saw those beings.

I held her for about an hour, gently stroking her head and comforting her. She finally took her last breath and died peacefully. Her passing was very smooth without the usual panting and gasping in the last moments.

Qualika was buried is a tiny grave next to Lisa; both graves are rimmed with rocks and planted with flowers. For several days after her passing, we would find Toby's favourite play toy on top of or beside Qualika's grave. Each time, we would return it to the veranda, but it would always end up back at the grave. Today, more than a year after her passing, we still find Toby's toys lovingly placed on Qualika's final resting spot.

Qualika returned to assure us that her consciousness lives on. Her sister Lisa also "called" upon us. One time she showed her physical body, with her beautiful, feather-like tail, sweeping side-to-side, ever so slowly. Another time, I was sitting and stroking one of the pets, while thinking about other things. Then, as I looked around the room, I realised that all of the sleeping pets were accounted for. I thought, Who is this one on my lap? I instantly knew the energy and as I looked down, I saw that it was indeed Lisa on my lap, who then quickly vanished.

Another wonderful pet of ours that recently passed on was named Bernard. Bernard had the most beautiful and peaceful face and the kindest eyes you could imagine. When he was particularly happy about something, he would make an odd clucking sound.

He suffered an unfortunate injury to his rear leg, and never recovered from it. When his time came, I stayed with him, comforting him in his last hours. He only lingered for two hours before departing. As he was nearing death, I petted him, and assured him that everything was all right. As I spoke to him, he seemed to know. He then breathed his last breath, and I watched as his spirit left the physical body. Three others, Rosa, Dina and Archie, were intently watching the ordeal, and it was quite apparent that they also were able to see Bernard's spirit, as they tracked it with their eyes. After his spirit left the physical body, his face retained the most peaceful look I have ever seen on an animal. Others who saw Bernard after his death made similar comments about how peaceful he looked.

One of our cats, Pearl, had spent the entire time with Bernard as he lay dying, and thereafter spent much of the next week sleeping on the grave, amidst the flowers we planted there. It was quite obvious that Pearl is closely related to Bernard.

Several days later, I was in the kitchen and heard that distinctive sound of Bernard clucking. Immediately, I knew it was Bernard! I looked out of the kitchen window and saw Bernard in the backyard. He looked youthful and radiant. I looked at the clock and realised that it was exactly ten days to the minute since he had died.

Just this last Mother's Day, our dear friend Simon, a pet ram, passed away. He had lived out his eleven years with us because when he was born, he became separated from his mother. When this happens, no ewe will assist the newborn, so he was adopted and nursed by us. One day earlier, the same thing had happened to another newborn ram that we also adopted and named Alex.

Alex and Simon shared adjoining pastures for many years, and would nuzzle up to the fence line and seem to be conversing for long periods at a time. Because rams can be a little boisterous, they were not kept in the same pasture to avoid any unintentional injuries. However, the two were very close.

Simon began to show signs of weakening a few weeks before his passing. He sought more attention, and his appetite began to wane. Several vets looked at him, but none knew what was wrong with him. All the vets commented on how well Simon had been cared for and healthy for his age. They thought it was primarily a dental problem and pulled several of his teeth.

Despite assurance from the vets, I had a dream about ten days prior to his death, and saw him dying and gave him a blessing in the dream. Desmond, my son who lives more than 2,000 km away and who was unaware of Simon's condition, also had a dream three days before Simon's death. In his dream, Desmond saw that Simon had died and that it would happen before his planned visit to Alukar Heights, which was to be the week-end after Mother's Day.

At Alukar Heights, we watched as Simon seemed to die before our eyes from lack of nutrition. It was difficult watching him slowly transform into an emaciated sheep. For a meal, he would nibble at a few grains or eat some corn silk then walk away from his food. Sometimes a few oats could be coaxed into him. But, he was not eating anywhere near enough to survive. Near the end, he would not even take milk from a bottle.

We accepted that he would be leaving us soon. We allowed him free run of the property under our close supervision in the last days, letting him re-explore his old stomping ground.

One morning he walked to his shelter, picked out the spot closest to Alex's fence line, and lay down to die. As soon as he went down, we rushed to his aid and comfort. Simon lay motionless for the next 21 hours, except for his breathing. We stroked him and when night fell, it became very cold, so we covered him with blankets to keep him as warm as possible.

Alex stood at the fence, as close as he could get to Simon for all of this. There was a brief period of about an hour in the middle of the night, when Alex went to his own shelter, but otherwise, he spent the entire vigil with Simon.

About ten o'clock in the evening, Alex curled his lips in an odd, sort of reverse pucker, tilted his head to the sky, and let out some most unusual cries. At that time, I could hear a spacecraft overhead and a signal for a "pick-up". It was at that time that the consciousness of Simon left and entered the craft. However, his physical body lingered on for another ten or eleven hours before it ceased to function.

When Simon finally did take his last breath, we covered his body and dug a grave. Alex kept mournfully calling us over to the covered body. Finally, we lifted the blanket for Alex to see that Simon was under there, but that he was dead. Alex then let out the most mournful cry I have ever heard from a sheep, and then he walked away from the site.

From the above stories, it is clear that animals have emotions and deep feelings and at times quite complex reasoning. You can see a very special relationship between the pairs Pearl and Bernard, Toby and Qualika, and Alex and Simon. Animals are also rather psychic.

Pets can be used to buffer new energies or to heal or to energise and amalgamate certain energies so that humans do not feel the full force of the energies, but can more comfortably adapt to them. In this way, pets are insulators or protectors, alerting humans to upcoming changes.

When one's "spirit" reaches out with unconditional love and compassion and touches another "soul", be it human or animal, it touches the heart of that other being. When this occurs, healing takes place, and this healing is often on many levels. This helps to ease the suffering of the other, and helps lift its "spirit". At the time of death it helps with a human/animal transition. The "spirit" is surrounded by and filled with love to move on confidently, securely and successfully to its next mode of existence.

Some animals are more than Class III consciousness. Simon was an alien being who had taken on the physical body of a sheep. He left early as he was needed elsewhere. He now works with the being who was René Descartes.

Regardless of what category of consciousness is residing in an animal body, we should treat them responsibly and respectfully, with love and kindness.

Fortunately, the Class III consciousness will be released from bondage soon.

Love and Blessings,