Greetings to all Tarra-ha-tikas

We have often spoken of the Light and the Dark side. What is the Dark side? The Dark side is really everything that opposes the Light.

The Dark side exists in all forms of the evil creation. It exists in the physical as well as in the spirit world of this super-imposed evil creation. Family members including parents, siblings, spouses, children, relatives, lovers, neighbours, associates, colleagues, schoolmates and etc. can be of the Dark side. Whether they are in human or spirit form, Dark beings from the Dark side are of the evil Essence.

Dark beings are skilled at mimicking human emotions without really feeling them. They are excellent pretenders and performers, often fooling themselves. They can appear to be kind, charitable, gentle, loving, sensitive, caring, compassionate, charming, reasonable and sincere (for example: “princess” Diana and “mother” Teresa). But in truth, they are not. They can seem polite, honest and genuine to fool you in an effort to gain your trust and to pretend to demonstrate how well-meaning they are. They can appear to be genuinely sorry after they have been caught hurting another being or having done something wrong, to keep you off guard about their true nature.

They can appear genuinely interested in what you are doing to get your trust and appreciation and to lead you to believe that they are of the Light. They can appear to be enthusiastically interested in what you are doing, what you believe in, how you feel etc. and they can appear to empathize with you. However, this is only a façade. The Dark beings can appear to be interested in helping the disadvantaged and the sick - they can also appear to be champions for the poor or underdogs, but their “good” appearances are just performances, masks and disguises used to fool the Light beings. Once these Dark beings are exposed and have lost control over you, they will show their true colours or they may distance themselves from you or they may try even harder to win you back by more subtle and more sophisticated disguises.

Unfortunately many True beings (Light beings) cannot grasp the concept of evil in disguise. It is too painful to accept that any of those close to them can in truth be an enemy of the Light - their very worst enemies. Thus, most Light beings would remain in their traps in hopes that their “loved” ones will one day embrace the Light. It is very difficult for them to accept or concede that their “wonderful” spouse, child or their best friend was never of the Light. They want to believe that such ones have only temporarily lost their way and can be won back to the Light. Dark beings were never of the Light, hence cannot be won back. Beings of Darkness have never wanted to embrace the Light anyway.

There are massively more beings of Darkness than beings of Light in this world. Beings of Darkness do not really worry about the well-being of others. What they care about is how people perceive them and how they can benefit from any given situation. In other words, many of their actions may appear to be altruistic, however, all of their actions are in fact selfishly motivated. To them, the Light beings are their “slaves” and are considered as easy prey. Dark beings treat True beings as though it is their right to abuse them.

The beings of Darkness do things to suit themselves without giving others a thought or consideration as long as it is convenient to them. They live by: “Do as I say, not as I do” and they will become outraged if others would dare do to them as they do to others.

Yet Light beings put up with Dark beings and will adjust accordingly to fit into the Dark beings' expectations and demands just to keep the peace or to avoid consequences. They do that even though they cannot make sense of such unfair, unacceptable and unjust behaviour. Light beings, in their process of accommodating the Dark beings, even try to make excuses to justify the actions and behaviours of the Dark beings. As a result of that, the Light beings are constantly disadvantaged, abused, manipulated, controlled, dissatisfied, confused, made unhappy and are being constantly drained of their energy because of these unhealthy situations.

When True beings lose their energy, they become off balance, confused and weak. This further allows Dark beings to exercise greater control and power over Light beings.

The beings of Darkness never really intend to turn to the Light. Neither can they turn a Light being into a Dark being. However, when a being of Light is extinguished by Darkness, for all intents and purposes they appear, act and behave like a being of Darkness. The ultimate purpose of Dark beings is to destroy beings of Light - physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

Beings of Darkness are forever creating self-doubt, guilt, low-esteem, confusion, complacency, emotional turbulence, irritability, insecurity, anger, fear, depression and uncertainty in True beings so that they can lure or force them into their nefarious traps and evil grips. They try every conceivable way to demean, disadvantage, threaten, blackmail, manipulate, insult, exploit and put down True beings in jobs, relationships and other pursuits. Or, they can show a different side, and exude an energy that can fool True beings into feeling sorry for them and wanting to help, protect and care for them. They can also employ many means of subtle deceptions to make sure that True beings feel insecure, and as a result remove power and confidence True beings have in themselves. Dark beings are exceptionally adept at playing one against another while all the time they are the culprits.

If you are still trying to help or rescue a Dark being who may be your spouse, relative or friend whom you are convinced would be a wonderful person if only you could change their negative behaviour by winning them over with your love and patience, you will be disappointed. “Love conquers all” is a saying without meaning in this evil world. Even Divine Love cannot win over a Dark being because beings of Darkness do not accept Divine Love. Beings of Darkness cannot truly love, nor are they capable of receiving True love. They do not have True consciences like the beings of Light have, which is why Dark beings cannot show true remorse.

Although beings of Light can be programmed by Darkness to appear to be nasty and selfish but that programming does not change their Light essence, it only masks it. It is this group that can be salvaged. They are beings of Light who have been seduced or trapped by Darkness. Thus, not everyone who appears to be nasty is an evil being and not everyone who appears nice is necessarily a True being.

If you spend a lot of time with beings of Darkness, you will feel drained (beings of Darkness thrive on the energy they can steal from beings of Light) or depressed, disillusioned, weak, nauseated, headachy, confused, insecure, agitated, inadequate and doubtful about yourself and your capabilities. If someone around you does this sort of thing to you, try keeping away from them whether they are polluted beings of Light or evil beings of Darkness. Beings of Darkness feed on fear, turmoil, emotional chaos, sadness, anger, suffering, pain, hatred and other negative situations because these are the things which cause True beings to lose their Divine energy to Darkness.

The weaker your physical, emotional, mental or spiritual resistance, the easier it is for a being of Darkness to fool, misguide, trap, control, abuse or manipulate you. It is high time True beings stop giving the beings of Darkness the satisfaction of having the power over them. Their negative energy is real, very destructive and deadly to True beings. Many beings of Darkness are now frantically sucking any bit of energy they can steal from True beings. This is because many Light beings have been evacuated from this realm and the energy is running very low. Thus a True being is more inclined to be drained and affected more seriously than ever before. Someone in a shop could just zap you of all your energy and leave you feeling weak and jelly-like on your feet instantly. The evil beings are becoming very desperate and very greedy for energy. So, take precautions as much as you can to avoid a sudden massive drainage of your precious energy.

You should try not to waste your energy by needlessly exposing yourself to energy suckers. Contacting certain places and certain things (such as trying on jewellery or clothes in shops) can also suck your energy. These things or places can suck energy because of imprints that were left by energy “vampires”. For example, there are those who are inwardly drawn to visit certain places and people and use certain things such as someone's chair, just to collect energy by linking to the imprints or people. When this happens, they can set up a “hook” which acts as a hose from the energy source to them and get a constant supply of energy until the link is cut. This is why the “cutting” exercise that I have mentioned in the past is so important to perform when you are being drained via this method. It helps to sever the link that facilitates the energy drainage on the subtle level.

If you feel drained, you can help to recharge yourself by asking for Divine Light to fill your being and asking the Divine for replenishment. If your “mind” energy is removed by energy drainage, it becomes difficult to focus and think clearly. This is a very serious situation. You become vulnerable to thought implantations and malicious programming. You cannot function well, and may become confused and lost.

It is suggested that you protect yourself more diligently in this very hostile environment, as things are not going to get better in this world and the Dark beings are getting more and more desperate as the shortage of energy becomes more critical.

As Divine energy is being withdrawn from this world, more and more beings of Darkness will be starved of energy. Their facades will fall away and they will begin appearing as they truly are, demonstrating more frantic, vile, rude, selfish and evil behaviour. They will also show their cowardly nature in spite of their bullying tendencies. They will be terrified as they sense gloom of doom encroaching upon them. According to the Chinese Zodiac, this year is the year of the Goat or Sheep, which is supposed to be a year of Peace. However, circumstances have changed because the “systems” are breaking down, it will not be a year of peace. In fact it is a year of war, chaos and turmoil.

The Earth is reaching the point of saturation of negative energy. It can no longer absorb the barrage of negativity from evil. The smallest amount of negativity that is directed at the Earth will soon cause severe back-flushing of the negativity. The effects from physical pollution of the air, land and water are just symptoms of the real problem. Everyone can see the decay of the atmosphere, the seas and the land and all the inhabitants of those realms. The reason that all this is happening is because of spiritual decay of this realm. Evil has reached a saturating point whereby it is self-destructing and attempting to take everyone and everything down with it. But the Light is salvaging what the Divine can rescue from this horrid, hellish situation.

Given the dire circumstances, we cannot totally avoid the energy thieves, but we can do our best to minimize drainage and pollution of our energy and resist being used as conduits for Dark beings. Beings of Light will have an adequate supply of energy in these Last Days of the Earth, so long as they conserve their precious Divine energy and use it wisely.

Love and blessings,


r, h()*