Greetings to all Tarra-ha-tikas

All will surely agree that time exists in this realm.

In our daily existence, we gauge and plan our lives around time. Everything we experience in life seems to affirm that time exists. We experience the ever changing of time. What we experience at this very moment - we call it 'now' and a second later, what was 'now' has become the 'past' and what we will experience a second later will be the 'future'.

Thus, time flows inexorably from past into the future. There is no doubt to many that time moves in a regular pattern and forms an integral part of our reality. Without time, there would be chaos in this realm. For example: people could not attend a meeting at the same time; students and teachers would not be at school for specific classes; trading hours and transportation schedules would all be unpredictable. There would be no cohesion, no regularity, no predictability and no certainty of any activities. Clearly, there would be chaos everywhere and nothing could be achieved satisfactorily.

Often one can experience the future when one drifts into an altered state or when one is under the influence of some unusual circumstances. People have reported losing time in what were purportedly alien abductions and in some other strange encounters. Often such events are associated with the phenomenon of time loss.

Time seems to speed up or be stretched on certain days. One can get a lot more accomplished in a shorter space of time, when time seems to be stretched. This is not related to one's physical well being, motivation or mood. The phenomenon of time stretching is independent of the physical or mental state of the individual experiencing it. When time is speeded up, things move very quickly, hence less can be accomplished than the 'usual' time frame.

Many things that we perceive as being in the present are really in the past, that is, they have already occurred. For example: many of the stars we see at night are no longer burning. Given their physical location and time frame, they have actually exploded many hundreds or thousands of years ago, however, in our time frame, they are still burning predictably and regularly as if they were still in existence. But, in fact, we are seeing them twinkling in the night skies from their past due to the limitation of the speed of light in this realm. These extinguished stars continue to twinkle, and there is no reason to suspect that their light is only an illusion to us because of the varying time frames.

Also, time in the astral dimension is different from the time that we know here in the physical realm. Thus our six-month period may be equivalent to a day in the astral time. Overall, time appears to be relative to where one is. In fact, time is only relevant to where one is located in this realm.

Yet, some have experienced moments where time seems to stand still. Is it possible that time is simply an illusion in this realm, in this pseudo creation of Virtual Reality? Is time an illusion with no true existence at all? Is time a Being? Is time trapped? Will time be dismantled and liberated?

The world of dreams can sometimes be adventures in a pseudo timeless realm where the past, future and the 'now' (which appears to bridge the gap between past and future) all exist in one 'space'. Whether one believes that time is simply the 3rd, 4th, or the 5th dimension as some believe, in the True Reality, there is no time. However, in the flawed creation time seems to flow differently within each frame of reference. The experience of time in this Virtual Reality remains subjectively the same for individuals in their respective place of reference. In this respect, time is relative. Spiritually speaking, time is employed to trap True beings in this flawed creation.

Scientists will always explain away the many phenomena that are “unnatural” to the natural world where they claim that “what you see is what you get” and that all things can be scientifically explained away from a physical point of view. Such narrow views force them to classify such things as déjà vu, synchronicity, premonitions, pre-cognition, prophecies, UFO sightings/abductions, near-death experiences, time warp, etc. as explainable, natural occurrences which are often associated with chemical reactions within biological frameworks or that they are due to electrical charges. Likewise, when timelessness is considered, they will arrogantly reject in ignorance the concepts of any notion of a timeless state/realm/reality and they will make ridiculously absurd arguments to explain these phenomena away.

The reality of a timeless existence in the True Creation defies all the present theories of physics, quantum physics and relativity that scientists have to work with. Some have suggested that at the heart of the universe there is a timelessness that is a shifting, ghost-filled energy wave tapestry. However, the timelessness that I am referring to is not a sub-atomic timelessness as those proponents have theorized. This timeless existence is not connected in any way to this physical universe, hence the sub-atomic timelessness is irrelevant to this timelessness. Atoms are building blocks for constructing matter. Matter does not exist in the True Divine Creation. Neither is this timeless existence the 'timeless' moment which some would explain away as a result of a time slip triggered by electrical energy in a time storm. In other words, this timelessness has nothing to do with time.

This timeless reality that I have been alluding to is not an illusion nor is it a hallucination. It is not a chaotic timelessness. Instead, it is a reality without time, space and distance. The concepts of time, space and distance are in fact part of the flawed creation which is a warped plan that has gone wrong. The True reality has its own harmonious order and cohesiveness which are nothing like the concepts of uniformity, cohesiveness, harmony and order as we know them in this realm. It is NOT a world of utter silence surrounded only by light. It is NOT a state where time seems to stand still. It is in fact a timeless reality where there are lots of activities, sounds, colours, lights, vibrations etc. within the Silence.

Yet, paradoxically, there is a sense of stillness and timelessness. It is an existence that is beyond the realm where past, present and future meet and meld into one. It is a reality beyond the realm where time is neither a linear nor a non-linear progression, where reality is not an illusion.

This timeless reality which I shall refer to as the True Divine Reality is an existence where there is NO pain, suffering, death, war, exploitation, grief, sadness, emotions as they are experienced here, failures, injuries, fear or hate. Beings in the True Divine Reality do not need to breathe air as they do not have respiratory systems imposed upon them. Nor do they eat as they do not have digestive systems imposed upon them. Neither do they procreate as they do not have sexual organs imposed upon them. Their progression is all on a spiritual level. Each being progresses at its own pace. Most importantly, there is NO EVIL, nor any projection of evil, nor any trace of evil. Beings there are all beings of Love, Light, Divine Power, Joy, Harmony, Beauty, Purity and Perfection.

Although it is difficult to conceive of an existence devoid of all the physical senses that we are accustomed to here and while some might scoff at existence without sensual expression, the truth is such a timeless existence is wonderfully beautiful to True beings. It is only because of evil programming that True beings have any difficulty conceiving of their True Home while they are trapped in this Virtual Reality. The True Divine Reality is the reality which all the viable beings will be returning to one day when beings of Light are liberated from darkness forever.

Since much of physics is based upon the concept of time, this brief discussion has challenged the basis of physics in this physical world. Einstein is famous for his declaration that: E = mc2. This formula was explained by him to mean that energy equals mass times the speed of light squared. This is the most noted aspect of his theory of relativity. But, speed is an illusion because time is an illusion. Mass requires space, which is another illusion. Speed requires distance or else it is meaningless. Hence, speed is also an illusion. Mathematics in this realm only appears to be precise, but, the 'science' of mathematics needs a great deal of fudging to even appear to work. Many concepts have been invented such as imaginary numbers in order for algebra to function even in this flawed realm. The flawed theory of parallel lines has been accepted in Euclidian geometry to make it work Again, showing how flawed mathematics is.

There is a True Divine Reality, a Wondrous Timeless Existence. Let us stretch our vision forward to that wondrous day of returning to the wonderful timeless reality of Pure Love, Light, Beauty, Power and Purity. Only True beings will resonate with the “timeless energy” of the True Divine Reality and rejoice in It.

This timeless existence is not a dream or an illusion. It is Our Beautiful, True Home.

With Love and Best Wishes,