Greetings to all Tarra-ha-tikas:

There have been aliens on Earth for a long, long time. Most of them are alien consciousnesses housed in human bodies, although some are in class III bodies as well. In the past, few of them knew who they were. Today, more are awakening to their alien identities.

This Earth is in the throes of alien wars, with battles being fought in the sky, underground and on the surface. There are two basic types of aliens involved in these wars—good ones that battle for the Light—and evil ones that battle for Darkness.

Within these basic categories are many different kinds of aliens. Those of the Light are all fighting in unison to dismantle the Virtual Reality of this world and this dimension that has trapped so many for so long. Those of Darkness fight against Warriors of the Light. However, they also fight amongst themselves, seeking to dominate one another.

At the present time on this planet, many of the political leaders are alien consciousnesses in human bodies. The original occupants of these political figures are willing hosts for the alien consciousnesses.

It is not science fiction that many different alien strongholds are scattered across the globe. One of the smaller groups of aliens is known as the Masa-karas. This group has two main bases on Earth, and the one of most concern is the group based in central Germany.

The Masa-karas have been intimidated by neighbouring alien groups in Germany, so they began moving their headquarters to the Tablelands of Far North Queensland about three years ago. In their alien forms, they are tall, fair-skinned beings with light blue eyes. They have long slender necks, high cheekbones, long narrow chins, long noses and have no external ears. Their arms and fingers are long and slender, as are their legs and toes. Masa-karas use many clones and they also take over existing human bodies.

The Masa-karas on the Atherton Tablelands are from central Germany, with some of them being from Stuttgart and others from the Nuremberg area. This group has immigrated to Australia with a great deal of material wealth and has purchased many rural properties in close proximity to one another.

They are infiltrating the Tablelands at a rapid pace. Their primary targets at this time are people in political power, people who tend to have many contacts with others such as real estate agents, people in the hospitality trade and various popular community figures. They also target high-traffic businesses such as newsagencies, supermarkets, restaurants, New Age shops and alternative health care facilities.

The Masa-karas can physically abduct a host consciousness and replace it with one of their own. This is not commonly done, however. Usually a host is allowed to keep its own consciousness, but that consciousness is heavily programmed and controlled by the aliens.

At the moment, one group of the aliens is operating an alternative health care clinic in a quiet part of the Tablelands. The clinic offers treatment of sundry ailments to desperate people. While the patients do get physical relief in many cases from the treatment, there is a huge price paid for the service.

In this clinic, the patients are left to wait for treatment in a room where they are subjected to low-frequency pulses of energy that are normally not audible to the human ear. These inaudible sounds programme the patients to feel comfortable and trusting. The patients are required to remove their clothes for the treatment.

As the patients are being treated, they lay face down on an examination table while the care practitioner stands behind them, out of the patients’ field of vision. An alien then takes over the clone that is ostensibly giving the treatment. The alien then uses its long, bony fingers to click and manipulate various bones and tissues. During this process, many patients unknowingly receive implants from the alien.

Most of the treatments last for many weeks, as the patients have their programming and implants adjusted during that period. Victims of adjustments will initially feel strange, spaced out, and generally will feel like they are not themselves. They can walk around in a daze, and many have blank looks on their faces. Their habits will change and they develop new interest in themselves, often with great concern for their physical well-being. Personalities can shift markedly, as happy-go-lucky beings can become morose. Some victims become more psychic from the programming. Those who are affected suffer a tremendous fall in awareness. The aliens' programming tends to disrupt relationships if one of the partners resists the programming.

The transitional period of the programming seems to take between three and six weeks before all seems normal again. During this transitional time, the victims act almost like vacuum cleaners as they suck energy to drain any around them.

Most of the victims are programmed to recommend the clinic to others. Their programmed code is "by word of mouth". This clinic does not advertise its services, relying instead on spreading its influence "by word of mouth". Invariably, those with any direct contact with the aliens or those with indirect contact with them via the clinic’s patients or the patients’ associates, often repeat this phrase "by word of mouth" to others. This phrase seems to prepare others to go to the clinic for treatments.

It is no coincidence that recently the area near the clinic was cleared of traditional medical doctors, which is something unheard of. The only two doctors in the area had independent practices for years. But both were programmed to leave the area simultaneously, without knowledge of the other’s decision to relocate.

When I questioned a newsagent proprietor (who is one of the aliens’ agents who was taken over by the Masa-karas) about the sudden relocation of the two doctors, he told me with certainty that "we will get another doctor soon". He said this with a smug arrogance and a look of ‘I know what is going on’ in his eyes. Naturally, the new doctor will be one of their own kind!

We have noticed that shopkeepers whom we have done business with in the past, even in cases where we were very good customers and had good relationships with the owners, have become openly hostile towards us for no apparent reason.

After a business is taken over, there is often a change in staff, and the business seems to boom. While Australia is in an economic slump, and the Far North is particularly hard hit in this, businesses that are run by those under alien control are flourishing. People from other towns, states and countries are now arriving on the Tablelands. They are attracted to this place like a magnet or to a "calling". Indeed, there has been an influx of artists, cooks, New Agers and alternative health therapists to the area in the last 12 months.

Strangely, for one who "heals", the alternative health clinic has no visible plants or animals on or about it. The aliens extensively use concrete in and around the compound, and store huge concrete boulders behind the clinic and near their residences. These are no ordinary boulders. They are objects that are means of hiding something nefarious without arousing suspicion or being detected by those who are unaware. Besides, these boulders are too heavy to be easily stolen or removed from the site.

Masa-karas have built a huge observatory on the roof of a large, hexagonal-shaped building. From this observatory, multi-coloured lights are sometimes flashed toward the sky. Any who investigate this matter in the physical are followed as the aliens are very suspicious of strangers.

Recently, we decided to drive by their physical headquarters on the spur of the moment. As soon as we turned up their winding, dirt road, there suddenly appeared a small, white four-wheel drive vehicle that followed us. There are very few houses on this road from which this vehicle could have come. We slowed to about 25 km to allow the pursuing car to pass. It did not. The headquarters is located at a dead end. We drove to the end of the road. The car that was following us made a rapid U-turn just before we reached the dead end, showing that its driver knew that the road was a dead end. We turned around and the driver that had been comfortable to follow at 25 km was now doing 70 to 80 km along the road. It required rapid pursuit to catch him. While we were pursuing him, he was braking at the corners, showing that he knew the road very well indeed.

Shortly after this incident, we were talking in the lounge of our home. It was about 11:30 a.m. when Steffan exclaimed that he felt an earthquake. I declared that it was no earthquake, but instead a localized assault that we both detected. We estimated it had a rating of between 2 and 3 on the Richter scale. Its epicentre was on me.

The Atherton Tablelands in Far North Queensland are amongst the most earthquake stable areas in the world. Earthquakes are unheard of in this part of the world.

Our home has high quality concrete verandas and a carport in a U-shape around three sides of it. The verandas are about eight feet wide, and the carport slightly wider. The concrete was poured many years ago and is well seasoned. It was in good condition before this blast. After the blast, 26 large, relatively evenly spaced cracks appeared in the concrete, all running perpendicular to the house, the entire width of the verandas and the carport. It is obvious that the house took an enormously powerful hit from the blast. The main fracture line went right through where I was sitting. Except for our home, no other area or buildings on Alukar Heights were affected by the blast. All of the pets who were near our home at the time were quite unsettled by the blast.

This war is very real, and extremely dangerous.

The long-term agenda of these aliens is to control the minds of the people on the Atherton Tablelands and to build a strong base there. When people are not readily taken over, then they are often made offers for their properties that they cannot refuse, and they sell and move on. There are many properties for sale in the area, and a great deal of movement and transition is going on, which is odd for a small country area.

It is apparent that the more aware a person is, the more programming that person requires to be taken over.

As stated before, I have already had a run-in with the main figures of the Masa-karas involved in this heinous scheme of body snatching. They now spy on us frequently, try to make us uncomfortable in various ways, and have attempted to physically and psychically attack us, one example of which was given earlier. In addition to their ground tremour attacks, they can send inaudible sounds and invisible beams in the hope of injuring their targets.

Those who are taken over become their agents. They start to connect favourably with their "abductors", with symptoms like those affected by the Stockholm Syndrome that I discussed in Communication # 7. These "agents" can affect any they come into physical contact with, or even those whom they communicate with in any way. Once programmed, such ones will do those things that they would not normally do before their ‘take-over’ by these aliens. Some victims are used as active workers, others are used as spies, and some are used to disrupt and pollute all who stand in the path of the Masa-karas’ plan to dominate the Atherton Tablelands. This situation is similar to the situation in Salmon, Idaho, USA – where Joseph was located for a time.

People need to become aware of these types of invasions and must take these matters very seriously. It is a time when protection, cleansing, spiritual focus and dedication are critical to one’s safety and well-being. This means that one cannot afford to be blackmailed by health concerns, social relationships or financial constraints.

Although outwardly these aliens appear to be helping people by healing many physical ailments, in reality, they are very dangerous and evil. They steal what is Golden and in return they give temporary physical comforts to the patients’ putrid biological bodies.

Fear is definitely the last thing you want to carry around. One who is confronted by these aliens can draw strength from one’s own unerring focus on one’s own Divinity. Fear is a programmed emotion implanted in all the physical forms of this sector of Creation that has been taken over and run by Evil.

This is not a time to despair or become fearful.

This is a time to be even more vigilant, diligent and focussed.

The more one puts on the battle armour, the less vulnerable one will be. There is a direct correlation between one’s awareness, spiritual strength and dedication with one’s ability to effectively resist the Masa-karas’ programming. When one suspects one might be programmed or influenced by these aliens, or any other type of aliens, one can resist them by CONSCIOUSLY rejecting them and their nefarious activities and emphatically affirming his/her devotion and dedication to the Light. The ones who are affected must assert their will to begin breaking the programming. Once this step is taken, help will be available to assist them.

This war is very real. Your best armour is always your armour within – your sincere love for the Light. This will in turn attract outside assistance for you in the battles. As you draw on your inner strength, you will experience inner peace and inner security. You will then have guidance, clarity of mind, stability and your warriorship qualities to guide, sustain and assist you at all times.

With all my Love, Blessings and Smiles,