Greetings to all Tarra-ha-tikas:

Presently, a revival of angel phenomenon is occurring. Angels are now popular themes and they have become highly profitable for commercial enterprises. For us, what is important is the realization that there are two distinct hierarchies of angles – the Divine angels of Light and the Evil angels of Darkness.

Angels are Class V consciousnesses.

Angels of the Dark hierarchy are sometimes referred to as demons, but not all demons are angels of Darkness. Not all invisible help that people sometimes recall in their lives is necessarily from angels. Some of this help is from astral beings, or beings from other realms. Likewise, not all so-called spiritual experiences people encounter are from the Light. Often a person’s culture is intertwined with any spiritual experience that he or she might have. For example, a Christian will place a connotation of an angel of the Lord, or a cherubim, while a follower of the Muslim faith might encounter a Jinn. A Native American might have an experience with a totem animal. And, a Chinese person might encounter a sien in human form, without wings.

Seeing angels is often associated with spiritual importance and purity. However, one does not need an experience with angels in order to prove one’s spirituality. Nor are all who have angelic encounters necessarily spiritual or pure. In fact, spiritual experiences can tend to inflate one’s ego. They can also appeal to one’s self-importance and actually delude one into thinking it is a sign of one’s spiritual advancement. Others who have such experiences might be truly humbled by them, which will bring them closer to the Divine.

At present, there are more angels of Darkness in human form than there are those of the Light in the same form. This is because the majority of the creation on Earth is of the Evil Creation. Many of the Class Vs that are currently in human bodies are drawn to the occult, especially in the area of magic and healing. One of the things that makes Evil ones – may they be Evil humans or Evil angels – so insidiously powerful and dangerous is what Evil does. The ones of Darkness often appear kind, beautiful, generous, harmless, understanding, approachable, sincere and/or loving, making it difficult for anyone to see them as Evil. It is not until they are exposed as contrary to what they pretend to be, that the façade of goodness is dropped or seen through.

Even some angels of the Bible who were acknowledged by the Church fathers as angels of Light, were in fact, angels of Darkness. Some of these who were purported to be angels in the Bible were not angels at all, but were flesh and blood, Evil Class IV alien beings. These would include such ones as those who came to destroy Sodom and Gomorrah.

Clearly, the Divine did not make human beings “angels of energy” encased in material bodies, as some such as Paramahansa Yogananda proclaimed. The truth is that True Beings have been trapped in material bodies by the Evil Usurper to exploit them of their Divine energy.

Of significance is that some of the Class V consciousnesses and even some who are beyond the Class V, are currently occupying Class III bodies. This is not because they have fallen in consciousness, but because they have taken on such bodies to assist the Light as has been deemed necessary in this Final Rescue Operation.

People are not evolving into angels, as some New Agers claim. Instead, most humans are losing awareness rapidly although there appears to be an elevation of awareness at this time. Many of those who are becoming more “aware” at this time are in fact awakening to only a small fraction of the awareness of what they have lost over many lifetimes. The claim by some New Agers that angels are presently evolving and therefore the angels need to have more frequent contact with humankind – just does not make any sense. Angels would only need frequent contact with humans if they were devolving into Class IV consciousnesses. While angels of Light do have contact with humans and animals in times of need in order to assist and protect them, they do not need this contact in order to evolve.

Relationships with angels are no guaranty and certainly are not shortcuts to a relationship with the Divine. Angels are not to be worshipped, even if they are of the Light. They are to be loved and respected just as you would love and respect any Light beings of other classes of consciousness.

Aliens have been mistaken as angels by some people, therefore we should employ great discretion in any attempt to communicate with “angels”. Some people encourage others to turn their wills over to angels. Beware! It can be extremely dangerous to invoke any beings or angels to possess your will. While a Good angel will not take over one’s will through one’s own ignorant invocation or invitation to do so, an Evil angel or being will gladly usurp one’s will and possess one, even without one’s invitation or permission. No one should be possessed by another spirit, may it be angelic or otherwise.

Angels from both hierarchies can and do work miracles, but ultimately the intention of the two different types of angels is vastly different. Some Evil angels have the appearance of goodness, but instead have Evil ulterior motives. All angels of the Light give aid, love, support and protection out of their unconditional love.

The angels of Light speak the truth, but the angels of Darkness lie or utter half-truths to beguile, mislead and trap the unawares. Humankind is not all inherently Good. Thus, to say that all humans can become Good angels and henceforth be fearless, unstoppable and invincible as some claim, is utterly wrong. To think that all angels are invincible shows ignorance about the realm of angels. In truth, the battle of Good and Evil rages in the Class V consciousness level, as it also does between the two different hierarchies of Good and Evil angels, and often there are casualties of War.

To trust absolutely without discretion in angels is as blind and foolish as trusting everyone you meet indiscriminately. To trust indiscriminately is also as foolish as accepting the familiar false beliefs that there is no absolute Evil and that all paths eventually lead to the one Supreme God. The truth is that there is Evil and NOT all paths eventually lead to the Divine. Remember Jesus said:

Enter by the narrow gate; for wide is the gate and broad is the way that leads to destruction, and there are many who go in by it.

Because narrow is the gate and difficult is the way which leads to Life, and there are few who find it.

Matt. 7:13-14.

If there were no Evil and if all paths lead to the same Supreme One, then why would Jesus, who knows the Path to the Divine, say what He did!

We must take heed not to be lulled into a false sense of hope and security just because the angels of Darkness, like wolves clothed in sheepskins, tell us that there is no Evil and that all we need is to love indiscriminately and all else will be well.

As the Good angels have shown us their unconditional love and devotion to the Divine, we too, can be encouraged to learn by their examples and aspire to cultivate purity, love and devotion to our Supreme Creator – Aitu, the Eternal Flame. If we cultivate those spiritual qualities, then we can express on this physical level to others of the Light, thus becoming figuratively angels to those we help along the way.

May we all strive to express like Divine angels towards all our brothers and sisters of the Light whenever they need our help and support.

Let us also extend our Light, love, assistance and blessings upon all classes of Divine beings, may these be minerals, plants or animals.

With love and blessings,