Greetings to all Tarra-ha-tikas:

Things are not always what they appear to be on this level, in this realm of Virtual Reality. We are living in a Virtual reality which is within another virtual reality, which is within an illusion on top of another illusion and etc. For instance, in the astral world, there appears to be a lack of fixed boundaries and fewer rules, however, the lack of fixed boundaries and rules is only an illusion which gives the illusion of total liberty and freedom to travel.

As we are now in the final stages of the Final stage of the Clearing Process of this Virtual Reality, and in order to facilitate the various processes which involve breaking down the Systems which hold the illusions here, certain things must be resolved.

For example, certain Light workers are involved in the mundane things which bind people to this system – in work, careers, marriages, families, relationships, social issues, finance, education, ecology and etc. Beings from higher realms must repeatedly enter this putrid realm and be involved in some way with the running of the System. This type of involvement is particularly unpleasant for higher beings but it is a necessary part of the Clearing process.

Such beings who carry and who work with the clearing energy can quickly dismantle and break down the various evil processes here. However, for these beings, it is akin to going into deep mud in one’s clean, white attire. In the end, it is hoped that the ones participating will be like the beautiful water lilies which blossom so elegantly and beautifully in the midst of a muddy pond.

The Alukar Heights Sanctuary Animal Foundation is a part of the Clearing process. It is set up not only for assistance and welfare of animals on the physical level, but also to manifest certain processes on the energy level to assist in the Clearing process. Its main function is to break down the system here which binds the beings who are currently in class 3 and class 4 bodies, and to assist their return Home. In doing this, Alukar Heights Sanctuary Animal Foundation is also assisting in the Clearing process of many facets of the System.

The projects sponsored by AHSAF involve a great many things, such as: buying and selling on the retail, wholesale transactions, production in various industries, distribution levels such as trucking, post, air-freight, shipping and etc., money transactions, international currency transfers and international banking activities, advertising, marketing, education and entertainment, recreation, entrepreneurship, the internet services, telecommunications, New Age circles, esoteric knowledge, and other areas across the wide spectrum of the current enterprise system. The financial entities, who have been greatly abused in this realm, will also be released and a “haven” has been prepared for the retrievable financial entities.

There will be those who will be impressed or drawn into participation in various ways by supporting the work of AHSAF. This can be effected in any number of ways, such as sending positive and supportive thoughts to AHSAF, contributing effort, time, talent, money and catalogue items to AHSAF, or purchasing items from AHSAF or taking classes from Alukar Heights School of Metaphysical Science under AHSAF. Thus, this project involves a lot of people who have consciously or unconsciously facilitated the work of AHSAF. It also involves setting up the final confrontation of the two distinct Energies of Good and Evil.

In explanation of what was mentioned earlier, the classes offered by Alukar Heights School of Metaphysical Science under AHSAF are facets associated with the breaking down of the Virtual Reality. For example, the Gnostic Tarot and Gnostic Numerology classes which are currently offered, are specifically targeting the corrupted occult "knowledge". These forces are so subtle yet they assert such strong influence and control on the lives of people and animals that few have open minds about them. Most skeptics scoff at those who believe in the influence of the cards, stars, numbers and colours.

Tarot, numerology and astrology are some of the more devious tools used by the Evil System to control and programme beings from birth to death. Our main reason for introducing these classes at this late stage of our work is to facilitate the breaking down of this programming aspect of the Virtual Reality. There are many “pockets” which uphold the Evil System, and one by one, they are being torn down. The sooner the esoteric and occult controls are broken down, the sooner the Evil System will come to a crashing halt. This is one of the more dangerous and complex aspects of the Clearing process.

Those who have signed up for the classes, while it was unknown to them at the time of their matriculation, are not only studying the course but as such are also players in this aspect of the Clearing process. Hence, all participants in these classes are urged to focus and intensify their efforts.

Those who do not understand the working of this Clearing process and who do not have open minds, they will be hopelessly confused by our actions and involvement of occult issues at this stage of the Work.

This clarification is now being announced because the Light has already made thrusts into the financial core which runs and controls this Virtual Reality. Many strong, beautiful beings such as Tronto, Arthur, Simon and others who represent class 3 beings, have recently left the physical in preparation for the arrival of viable class 3s when the mass evacuation is finalised.

This is also the time of "Show of Force, Strength and Unity". There will be opportunities for various beings of Light to express their love and appreciation of each other more openly than ever before. These expressions of unconditional love will be from the heart, untainted from ulterior motives of lust or personal gain and satisfaction. This does not have to involve physical contact. It can be expressed on many levels and in many ways within the same class of creation or between one class of creation and another.

Once the Work of this stage is achieved, there will be total war between the beings of Light and the beings of Darkness on all levels. Thus, there will be CHAOS on all levels – social, financial, commercial, educational, ecological, environmental, physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and etc.

If you look at the constellation Orion, you might notice a smudge above the belt. This is one of the opposition’s craft groupings. There are several others in the evening sky where forces from both sides are gathering and positioning themselves like pieces on a chessboard, preparing for star wars.

True beings should prepare themselves for the final onslaught by strengthening their Inner beings and by being in tune more and more with the Divine within. Complete trust should only be given to the Divine within.

It is a time for all to turn within more and more instead of looking for external compensation, guidance and fulfilment. May you connect ever more with the Divine Spark within at this and the coming critical time ahead.

Love and Blessings to all Tarra-ha-tikas for a Spiritually Uplifting New Year.