The Age of Grand Deception

Greetings to all Tarra-ha-tikas (Light workers)

Many New Agers and others from various philosophical societies and religious groups waited excitedly for the so-called dawning of the Golden New Age in the year 2000. They call it the wonderful new era, but it should really be called the Age of Grand Deception.

From many of the New-Age teachings and channellings, it would appear that people are awakening to a greater awareness and a greater sense of being. While they appear to be moving forward spiritually, they are actually going nowhere. People seem to be looking more within and searching for truth and people appear to be taking more responsibility of self, however many are in actual fact, falling into greater deceptive traps than they were in when they began their spiritual search.

To understand about the New Age movement, it is important to trace some of its physical history as well as some of its activities on the energy level. To explore this, we must digress a bit.

In 1875, a Russian occultist known as Helena Petrovna Blavatsky teamed up with Henry Olcott to form the Theosophical Society. Today, the Theosophical Society is far flung around the world. This society has played a large part in satisfying the Western World's burgeoning appetite for mystical and spiritual esoteric knowledge from the East. The founding of the Theosophical Society in 1875 was the threshold of what a whole century later, came to be known as the New Age.

Blavatsky wrote several volumes of which Isis Unveiled is one of her most well known works. Blavatsky gave credit for the book to the spirit of Isis, an Egyptian goddess of fertility, who she claimed had influenced and guided her in the writing of the book. Today, this type of claim has a new title, and is currently known as channelling.

Blavatsky also claimed that the Ascended Masters, who are also called the Great White Brotherhood in various occult circles, had assisted her work and writings. These Ascended Masters are supposedly comprised of a group of superhumans, who are said to be "at the highest level of the humans who had refused the offer of entry into the perfectly spiritual universe in order to stay behind in the lesser material world” to assist humanity. They are said to reside in remote areas in the Tibetan Himalayas where they are supposedly selflessly serving as guardians of the ancient wisdom and as guides and teachers to humanity. It is also said that these masters retain their biological bodies from their last incarnations. The Ascended Masters are said to occasionally physically appear to certain human individuals throughout the world who act as their agents.

Blavatsky claimed to be in constant contact with the Ascended Masters such as: Kuthumi, Djwhal Khul and others. Supposedly, these super beings also physically appeared to her from time to time. In her over-zealous effort to convince people of the existence of the Ascended Masters, Blavatsky resorted to chicanery. She had someone dress up in a turban who then stood at a window at night so that unsuspecting witnesses would see him. Blavatsky then claimed that the man in the turban was one of the Ascended Masters. Further, she was reportedly found out for having written a letter to herself which she later claimed had appeared out of the ether and that it had been written by an Ascended Master. In fact, she arranged for someone to throw the letter from a slot so that it would land in her house, again in the presence of unsuspecting witnesses.

It was said by David-Néel (another keen Western searcher who spent time in India and the East) that: "Helena Blavatsky was so fond of miracles that when none were readily at hand, she was all too prepared to invent them." Blavatsky's violent temper and extravagant tales of psychic phenomena caused many of her contemporaries to label her as a charlatan. Her book, Isis Unveiled, only appears to contain astonishing esoteric erudition to the gullible occult students, and it is chaotic in form and highly inconsistent in focus. Some critics have noted that with no explanation, it abruptly shifts from claiming Egypt as the wellspring of ancient wisdom to claiming that India is the cradle of religious and philosophical thought.

For those who are truly familiar with the occult knowledge, it is obvious that Blavatsky plagiarized much of her work from various Eastern esoteric sources. She corrupted much of this knowledge due to her own ignorance of the subject matter. Nevertheless, her work helped shape much of what is now called the New Age teachings, and the concept of the Ascended Masters is now highly revered and widely accepted by many of the New Agers. In fact, many claim today that the Ascended Masters occupy the highest rung on the spiritual ladder. More and more people are claiming to be channelling or working with Jesus and Saint Germain, who are listed as Ascended Masters.

Many of the New Agers believe that many light workers are currently being drawn to working with the "loving and wise energies of the Ascended Masters." These people believe that the Ascended Masters form the spiritual hierarchy of our planet. Some in the New Age movement believe that the Ascended Masters always hear people's prayers and are actively involved in "steering the course of human destiny towards the birthing of the New Age of Love and Light and that connecting with these energies will awaken one's divine inner spark."

There are others who believe that the Ascended Masters have risen from earthly beings before being ascended into the hierarchy of the Light. They believe that the Ascended Masters are vehicles through which the initiates can connect with divine energies, guidance and direction, and are a source of knowledge, wisdom and training for their earthly work and fulfilment of their life purpose. In other words, the Ascended Masters are mediators between the initiates and the higher energies. Does this not sound a lot like the Pope on behalf of his flock? It should, as they are serving the same hierarchy.

The New Agers believe that if one works on a particular type of issue, one may connect with the Ascended Master who best assists that issue. For example, they believe that if one is healing what the New Agers call " inner feminine-masculine" issues, they should call upon the Ascended Master, El Morya. If one were dealing with learning about forgiveness, they should call upon Jesus whom they regard as one of the Ascended Masters. It seems they have everything worked out to suit their needs!

These deluded New Agers believe that they can call upon a cadre of Ascended Masters and archangels to assist them at any time and for nearly any purpose. They seem to think that these masters are their genies who must do their bidding and be at their disposal because they have inflated their egos until they believe that they are doing something so important that only the highest ranking masters are obliged to be there to assist them.

I am sure that the real Jesus has more important things to do than to appear at New Age developmental circles, séances or channellings or to assist someone making the best scones in the world.

There are many expectant dreamers who claim that more and more people are re-awakening to their spiritual roles, while also awakening to their respective purposes in life, and that they also appear to be more dedicated to serve humanity and the planet. It is true that more and more people appear to be awakening and are more receptive and tolerant of ancient concepts such as re-incarnation and karma, however, what is actually happening is that greater deceptions are trapping more and more people.

Among the plethora of deceptive traps in the New Age movement is the lulling of people into letting down their guards and convincing people that all channelled materials are truthful as long as the source claims to be of the Light. For example, there is a "wealth" of channelled material that erroneously repeats the same claim that our planet is undergoing great changes such as floods, droughts, famines, earth quakes, volcano eruptions, wars, diseases, etc. in preparation of its ascension from the third dimension into the fourth dimension. This channelled misinformation is purposely being fed to the New Agers by deceptive beings of Darkness who masquerade as aliens, Ascended Masters, angels or other highly evolved beings. This is because the evil ones do not want anyone to know the truth, which is that the changes that the Earth is currently undergoing are in fact the death throes of a dying planet rapidly heading for extinction.

Instead of accepting the Message of the Clearing of the planet, the New Agers and most others stubbornly claim that the Earth is undergoing elevation of vibrational energies and that adjustments to our own personal energy systems are necessary in order to allow us to change and adjust to the vibrational changes of the Earth. They claim amongst other things, that since we are moving towards the fourth dimension, the necessary vibrational changes create much inner chaos which results in fear and confusion within humans as it brings out many of the old and negative emotional energies in people. Thus, they claim that there is a great need for healing the planet and individuals in order to allow them to release negative energies and be healed.

The truth is that people inwardly are beginning to sense that something is very wrong, but they are in denial. Their inner beings know that the planet is doomed and that only the viable ones amongst them will continue to exist in the pure spiritual realm. The madness, fear and chaos are due to what we call the Terminal Madness of the End Time.

Further, the deluded ones foolishly argue that as long as you believe that you are very worthy of the changes that are occurring on this planet and believe whole heartedly that everything is created within your own reality of thought, and that as long as you are connecting to the power of your own mind, you are the master of your own destiny. They also believe that these changes will result in a shift to a higher level of consciousness that will allow an individual to experience the sense of being a master.

Thus, they claim that one should honour oneself as a master, equal to other masters and not as a subordinate. They affirm that when you can accept your power and your mastery, you can then begin to love and honour your "self" for the "true" being that you are. Further, they claim that when you begin to realise that you are just as loving, helpful and special as your guides and all the other advanced beings, including the masters and the archangels, you are well on your way to realizing that you are becoming God.

Jesus said, "If the flesh came into being because of spirit, that is a marvel, but if spirit came into being because of the body, that is a marvel of marvels."
Gospel of Thomas v. 29.

Anyone who claims that a being created from matter can evolve into God is deluded. This concept was also absolutely refuted by Jesus as reported in the Gospel of Thomas.

Clearly, such beliefs nurture the ego and encourage people to be ego-centred and deluded to a point that they really believe that they are very spiritually advanced and that they have experienced an upward shift in their level of consciousness just because they have delved into channelling, healing, tarot, astrology, magic and other forms of occult activities. These deluded ones believe that they are experiencing themselves multi-dimensionally, which gives them an incredible sense of power. There are even many who are so deluded that they believe they are awakening to the Christ consciousness within themselves and believe that they are learning that they are already enlightened. They excuse their ignorance of their "enlightenment" by saying that it is a case that they have not yet realised that they are already enlightened. How foolish can they be!

It is easy to see how so many self-appointed "gurus", channellers, prophets, healers, witches and warlocks are springing up everywhere, particularly in the Western World. Today, spiritual "gurus" can obtain respected positions in the New Age movement and in the media practically overnight, without much study, discipline or inner effort. Unlike those searchers of by-gone years, today's gullible "gurus", channellers, healers, prophets, etc. and the majority of the so called spiritual searchers do not have the background to even question whether information they are receiving is in conflict with other well-known occult principles, let alone whether they are receiving the truth. Their over-inflated egos will not allow them to question anything coming from the astral beings who are unreservedly deceiving them. This attitude is demonstrated by an incident whereby a New Ager even dared openly state, "I was nobody until I channelled this entity. I don't care who or what it is that I channel, as long as people love it."

Many people love quoting the Ascended Masters as their spiritual power source. This is another display of ego and ignorance. They mumble things that they do not understand. They mention various planes of existence as if they are very familiar with them, yet they do not really understand what they are talking about. However, they are quick to claim that they can travel to various astral dimensions and even dimensions beyond the astral. If they had truly done this type of travelling, they would have realized that they are trapped in the astral and that there is currently no escape from it (with the exception of a few beings of Light who are working on the Correction process and have ingress and egress to and from the astral). They talk about many things as though they know about them first hand, when in fact, they are just repeating information they do not really comprehend. They claim to be able to discern energies, but do not recognise a charade by a lower astral entity from a true connection to a higher light dimension.

It should always be borne in mind that the majority of the New Agers are relying upon channelled information and they think that if it comes through channelling, then it is absolutely true. People should question all channelled materials but instead most do not even consider that the channeller could be a fraud, or that the being coming through the channel could be a fraud. It could even be the channeller's own mind doing the talking. The gullible ones trust blindly in everything and anything that is channelled because of ego, ignorance or due to programming.

Most people do not believe in absolute Evil, so they cannot be forewarned about evil entities. As long as the message they receive contains words such as: "love, peace, joy, harmony, beauty, wisdom, compassion, forgiveness, knowledge, healing, save the planet", or sundry other sugar-coated words they think the message is sincere, true and spiritual.

As stated earlier, many deluded people claim that they can call upon the Ascended Masters or various types of angels to do their bidding. If this sounds like an Aladdin's lamp story to you, then you probably have progressed beyond most know-all New Agers.

Astral entities and other dark beings can come in so many forms, and are so cunning in their delivery of their messages, that they can fool even the elect. So, how do the multitude of New Agers identify the frauds from the unseen levels? Most do not. Instead, they claim in their ignorance, that they can read the energies. If they actually could read energies correctly, they would recognise that most of the channelled materials are nonsensical and come from the Anunnaki programmers who reside in the astral. These deluded or deceived New Agers could not recognise the energy of Jesus if they were to shake His hand, speak with Him, or read His writings. Of course, many of these people who are spreading this spurious nonsense are actually themselves evil beings whose "life purposes" are to deceive and misguide the True beings of Light who are trapped in the New Age half-truths.

Sometimes a living person who can manipulate energies can actually speak through a channeller from a distance without physically being there. Such a one in a biological body can influence a channeller into thinking that he or she is in contact with a being from another realm. Most New Age "gurus" could not even understand the preceding sentences.

The misguided people are not aware that THEIR Ascended Masters are not as ascended in the Higher Realm as they make them out to be. They include the names of beings like Jesus and Kuthumi as Ascended Masters so as to make their hierarchy look more respectable and acceptable. It is not the real Jesus of the Light or the real Kuthumi of the Light that they have placed into the group of so-called Ascended Masters. They are using dark imitations of those beings. Such dark beings are really astral beings masquerading as Light beings. The so-called Lord Maitreya, who is supposed to be the Returning Christ, is in fact a very evil being in the Dark hierarchy who disguises himself as a high being of Light. Unfortunately, many have been deceived by dark beings.

Consider the following verses from the New Testament:

"See that none misleads you: for many will come in My name saying 'I am the Christ' and will mislead many."    Matt. 24:4-5.

"Many false prophets will arise and deceive many."   Matt. 24:11

"If someone then tells you 'Look! Here is the Christ!' or 'There He is!' do not believe him: for false Messiahs and false prophets will arise and show great signs and wonders to mislead, if possible even the elect. Remember that I have forewarned you.   Matt. 24:23-25.

Lazarus, Ramtha and Shirley MacLaine all promote the "I am God, you are God, we are God, we are One, all is One, there is no Evil" message. If this message were true, then there should never be a conflict among any of the followers of this message. When they say, "I am God", they are saying, "I am Christ". This group comprises what is certainly the easiest to identify as the "prophets" that Jesus reportedly warned about specifically in Matthew 24:4-5, and in the other verses quoted above.

Much less apparent, are those who Jesus warned of who will say that "He is the Christ" and use Him as their figurehead, while all the time, the underlying tone of their message is that "They are the Christ." The one that first springs to mind in this category is Paul, the author of the bulk of the New Testament. Over time, Paul has become the dominant figure in most "Christian" teachings.

Whenever there is a corpse, the vultures will flock there.   Matt. 24:28

The above verse deals with people who build religions upon the crucifixion and murder of Jesus when in fact they are like vultures picking the flesh off His corpse. These institutions have abused the "body" of Christ and are misleading the flock into thinking that the institutions is founded upon the Spirit of Jesus, when in fact they are just scavengers feeding off his "earthly remains."

The thrust of Jesus' Message is about the two Creations, one of the Light, and one of Darkness (for example: the parable of the fig tree, where Jesus damned the entire evil creation which is represented by the fig tree). Jesus warned the True beings of Light that they were trapped here in this evil dimension that is run by a great Deceiver. He instructed His followers to turn within and re-connect to the Divine Light within in order to re-awaken themselves from their spiritually "slumbering" state that was brought upon them when evil took control of the plane. He reminded them to be alert and discerning and to avoid evil traps as much as possible as they waited for their rescue and return to the Light.

Do you really think that Jesus taught people to turn the other cheek, to love their enemies, and to forgive the enemies unreservedly? While several religions claim that He brought these teachings, in practice are there any that follow them?

In their true nature, beings of Light are beings of love. The ones who can truly express love without any ulterior motives are only those of the Light. Evil beings are not capable of true love. Not everyone who outwardly shows kindness, compassion or generosity to the disadvantaged are truly compassionate, kind or loving. In many cases, they have ulterior motives of selfishness. There are those institutions that are promoting kindness to children and animals that are in fact quietly working against these very same children and animals.

Nothing has changed since before and after the time of Jesus. The main thrust remains the same. Human nature remains the same. What is different is that the deceivers have put on new clothes for the New Age. The deception has become deeper, more subtle, wider and more dangerous to the True beings of Light. What is very troubling is the fact that such deception and evil are now rampant and widely tolerated as normal or expected behaviour.

Today, the Clearing of the planet is erroneously and fraudulently being euphemistically called "earth changes" by the New Age "gurus" and "followers". They deny the truth that what is occurring on this planet is really the prelude to the termination of the planet and the end of evil.

Those who know the Truth can obtain great comfort as they re-connect with the Divine within and rejoice because the tribulations are nearly over and soon, very soon, they will be feeling the Joy of Liberation from Darkness.



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