Final Reflections #17

11th January 2005

Greetings to all Tarra-ha-tikas

Some of you might have heard that I suddenly fell ill a few days ago. My reason for writing this posting is to share with you some of the things that have transpired so that you can have some appreciation of the Work and confirmation of various things.

I have had an idea of when I would be leaving this physical plane, but when the first MAJOR cataclysmic event (Indian Ocean tsunami) took place, the timetables were all moved up. So when I suddenly took very ill on 7th January, I was prepared to accept the possibility that I could be leaving earlier.

On Thursday, 6th January, I went to bed early - about 11:30 p.m. - as I had felt a bit run down. I awoke later, thinking that I had slept for hours, but when I looked at the clock I saw that it was only half past midnight. I felt very unwell, but this feeling was very different from other times when I did not feel well. I got up for a drink of water, but very quickly I had trouble breathing and felt nauseated and Steffan started attending to me. He became so worried about my condition that he awakened Tinara, who was here for the holidays, and both of them took care of me all through the night.

By 2:00 a.m. I threw up all my dinner. Very oddly, none of it had been digested even though I had eaten seven hours earlier. Neither did it smell like vomit. Obviously, my digestive system was not functioning. It was not until the fourth or fifth time that I threw up that any digestive fluids came up. I felt tingling and numbness spreading from my neck down to my hands and feet as I lay in bed. Doctors might have suspected food poisoning, but this was not the case.

Although I was very sick, my mind was very clear, and I was concerned about our sheep named Alex who had a wounded foot. As I lay in bed, we knew it was no time to call a doctor - I did not want to go to the hospital. Nonetheless, I was calm and detached.

During the night, I was flipping from one dimension to another. I realized that Steffan and Tinara had no idea what I was talking about at times. I knew this because I was often talking to another group elsewhere and sometimes would return to the bedroom where the sentences were finished.

I knew that everyone thought I was leaving as the BEN-DA-KO is already in motion. As my condition worsened, I left final instructions with Steffan and others in case I should leave the physical.

As I lay in bed, I saw beings everywhere. Steffan then remembered that he was told that Thomas had said two days earlier that his work here is nearly finished and he might not be here that much longer. All this added to the reality of me leaving the physical. Further, Burnley (Benjamin Franklin) had visited recently and told me that he would be looking forward to my upcoming return Home and that he was waiting for me. Certain of our dogs took on sad, mournful expressions, and one very uncharacteristically began moaning as she faced in the direction of my bedroom.

Steffan and Tinara were expecting me to leave anytime. Tinara saw Thomas in his own form with other beings in beautiful Light bodies flying around her. Their presence was comforting to her. Babaji came and was by my bedside for a while.

Steffan tried to give me healing, but it was all blocked. However, he was able to put up protective shields around me. There were many Light beings around, but they stayed in the background.

I fell into a deep sleep. According to Steffan and Tinara there were battles going on and nasty astral beings around when I folded my arms naturally across my chest. Steffan told Tinara that I had my warrior face on. She then asked whether it was the face of White Buffalo Woman because she remembered her warrior face looking like that. I was told that when the evil beings retreated, my arms unfolded and serenity returned to my face. It was only during the battles that my warrior face appeared. However, I was peaceful and appeared serene most of the time.

I slept a lot, and I usually do not sleep much at all. When I did awaken briefly, I remembered doing battles with demons who were deceiving people. I confronted demons in the bodies of children and adults, males and females, of all races, social status, religions, circumstances etc. Some children appeared so spiritual, yet they were little demons. They appeared smug and arrogant as I confronted them and told them that I knew that they were demons. When I used sounds and brushed my hand in front of their faces, their faces began to look demonic. I told them I was there to expose them.

On several occasions I woke up coughing and then returned to sleep. But I remembered the colourful, vivid "dreams" each time before going back to sleep again. All of these "dreams" contained similar events about exposing demons, and in one instance I burned what appeared to be ornaments in a building. However, I knew these were demons in camouflage. When I came out of the building I saw an animal bearing the resemblance of one of the ornaments. It too appeared to have been burned just like the ornament - with one side of its leg partially burned.

[Bear in mind that what I am reporting will often be in symbolic form for you to interpret and understand.]

In another incident, the demons in human form set fire to a house where many people were gathered. There were True-Light and False-Light beings in the gathering. I sent someone into the building to warn them about the fire but nobody came out, not even the messenger I sent. So instead of trying to put out the fire I tried to get into the house to warn the others. A demon woman stood on my right and a demon man stood on my left, trying to stop me from entering. Both were in human bodies and appeared normal. I told the woman on my right that I knew she was a demon and that she could not impede my entry. We struggled, and as I pushed her face my finger poked through her face as though it was made of soft wax. I freed myself from the woman and entered the corridor. I shouted, "Fire! Fire! Get out!" Nobody in the house seemed to hear me. Some of them in the house were readers of the Nara site. I then pushed a bed through the door to open up an escape route from the house for people to flee.

In another "dream" I was in a gathering with relatives, friends and people I have never met in this life. I saw the insincerity amongst many of the people there. Many were insincere towards their spouses, family and friends. A lot of the people were clinging onto their wealth and status as the most important things in their lives.

On another occasion, I left my handbag on a table as I crossed the room to pick up something. As I walked away from the table, I suddenly turned back in time to see a young boy trying to steal my handbag. I went over to him and grabbed my handbag from his hand. He said he was told to steal it, but he did not mean to do it. Just then, I saw a demon smirking in the corner. He was invisible to others who were present. The "invisible" demon was quick to urge another person in the room to do mischief. This demon then went into a female who had a kind, caring face.

The boy who tried to steal my handbag suddenly became an adult. He seemed to look wealthy and certainly had no need to steal. I told the demon that not only did he programme people to do evil things, he even altered their appearances as in the case of changing the young man to a little boy so if he were caught it would seem to be a silly prank instead of a deliberate crime.

There were other incidents, but it would be too much to include here. However, the central theme in them was the same; they involved seduction, cheating, deceit, assault, theft, friction, disharmony, doubt etc. - yet most of the people were unaware of the real situations. Things here are not always what they appear to be.

On the fourth day of my illness, I recalled being in the astral and staying in a posh, high-rise resort. As I looked down from the balcony I saw a cluster of beautiful yellow and orange trees grouped together like a small island. Although they were pretty to look at they appeared artificial to me. I wanted to take some photos of the coloured trees to show others when I returned to the physical. So I went into the motel room to get my camera. As I came out the colours of the trees had disappeared and what remained looked like dried up greyish skeletons with only a thin, faded strand of orange colour remaining. When I went back to the room the film started falling out of the camera. The stream of film was very long - I must have taken hundreds of photos. Light hit some of the exposed film, and I tried to salvage the remainder by covering the film up. I was hoping to have a processor develop the film.

At the same time this was happening, I noticed that the miniature model in the motel room that was a replica of the cluster of trees outside had also gone from being vibrant and colourful to being withered, faded, and they too had only a single strand of orange colour remaining.

I took the film and felt I was descending to a lower level where I saw a lot of people walking under a huge cover along a white staircase. In the midst of the crowd I saw someone from Melbourne who had passed away a few years ago. I asked him where I could get the film processed. He said I had been very good to him and had helped him a lot, especially in the last few hours before his passing. He pointed to a lady wearing a white old-fashioned nurse's outfit and asked me to approach her. I walked over to this lady and told her the name of the person who had sent me to her. She replied with a different name. It was obvious that she knew him by another name. She pointed towards a building and said that if I would go to it, I would be at the place where they process all their business films. I looked at the building and saw that everything they were producing was dark and murky - yet nobody else seemed to notice that.

I approached the building. It had a white entrance. I stood outside the entrance and exclaimed, "But these are toilets! This is all sewage!" However, the people there seemed to think this was such a magnificent, important, productive place. Nobody seemed to know they were urinals and toilets. I should also note that the people around me appeared to be moving about quickly, but they appeared unaware and aimless.

[It is interesting to note here that I had a dream many months before about two queues of people waiting to get into two different places. One queue was very long and the other was short. The long queue led to a huge sewage building. The short queue led to a nice, bright, spacious building. Geoff Huegill, a well-known Australian swimmer, was in the short queue and another well-known Australian swimmer was in the long one. A man tried to jump queues from the long one into the other building and Huegill assisted me in returning him to his proper place - the filthy toilet blocks!]

I then went back to the motel. Just then, an executive appeared outside the door and he said that he could not find something that was his that he thought was in the building. I gave a sigh and told the man that what he was looking for was not here because it was in another building down below. As soon as I said that he could see that I was right. He smiled and asked, "How do you know that?"

Then he exclaimed, "Ah, you are the assessor I heard about who has been here a few hours." I replied that a few hours here is a few days from where I had just been. I then told him that, "In the few hours I have been here I have organized, reminded and helped you so-called executives, managers and secretaries with work that you should know and be familiar with." I also remarked that they are disorganized, irresponsible, not with it and absolutely hopeless.

I then descended to a building on a lower level by simply appearing there. I was at a white counter of a reception room and a man in white overalls was standing behind the counter. I asked him to show me what appeared to be four sheets of oblong-pictured stickers. Each sheet was about two feet by one and one-half feet containing several blocks of pictures arranged either vertically or horizontally. Some of the sheets had only a few pictures left while other sheets were unused.

I stood there looking at the stickers that had pictures of sunrises, animals, seascapes etc. (These pictures were the only colourful things left in the whole place by this time as everything was rapidly fading into murkiness.) As I was looking at the posters, I heard an announcement from an overhead speaker stating "New arrival," followed by the name of a person I knew. Since I knew the lady I said I would write her name down on a picture. The man pointed twice to a vertical picture from one of the sheets. I did not like the picture. Instead I chose a horizontal picture from another sheet. Before I could finish writing her full name, the ink from the pen began to run out. I said to the man in the white overalls, "You are all so hopeless and disorganized! Even the pen does not work. Just as well you will not be doing this for long as everything here will finish soon."

I briskly collected all the sheets of pictures that were used to record the coming of each "new arrival" and put them together with all the other papers I had collected from other buildings. Then I left without worrying about anything. Nobody objected to me picking up the documents and nobody challenged my assessment of them and the situation.

I then awoke and felt bright and as well as I had before I had fallen ill. Although I felt physically weak, I was mentally strong.

I knew that Steffan and others were watching me like hawks and keeping their eyes on me, because they suspected that even though I could not walk without assistance, I would crawl if necessary to get around the house if nobody was around!

During this time when many thought I would not recover and other Warriors had come to visit me in what appeared to be my last days, the former Edgar Cayce had a dream so vivid that he expected it to continue when he awoke. He had seen Steffan, who had told him that I would be all right. He has always been spot on with his dreams.

My experiences during the four days I lay in bed were not dreams. They were astral recollections that confirm the state of the astral world. The illusion is rapidly breaking down. Those who were in charge there are losing control of the situation. However, as expected, the demons will continue to mock, scheme, deceive, torment and harm the True-Light beings even at this late stage of deterioration. These demons can often appear harmless, spiritual and kind. These astral recollections show that the Light is in control.

There is a lot for you to digest here. There were many reasons why the Light wanted those close to me to believe that I was leaving the physical. The Light set up the situation so that I was forced to rest for several days so I could accomplish my Work in the astral without interruption, for this was no ordinary astral travel, nor was the business of the visit normal. However, Darkness tried to take advantage of the situation and attempted to kill off my body while I was "away".

That is why so many Light beings were watching over me. Steffan was allowed to "construct" a protective shield around me. However, his attempts to heal me were futile because it was necessary that I remained in the astral for a long period of time to finish my assignment.

After my return, Thomas (Mishoomis) said it was precarious and like a tightrope operation to do an astral manoeuvre of this type from a living physical body, but that it is the fastest and most effective way to get the job done. He then jokingly said, "In order to do the work Nara had to appear to be making a permanent entry and she needed to appear half-dead to take such a lengthy stay there . . ."

Thank you all who sent your love and support during my illness.

May you all grow in strength and confidence in the Divine Light.

Love and Blessings,