Greetings to all Tarra-ha-tikas

In late September 2004 the Sacred Drumming took place in Yukon Territory, Canada. It was a very special day. The Drummer, who is also the Keeper, has kindly written his account of what transpired, which is available at

In October 2004 the projected parts of the Mother that had been attached to Ikluk - in order to always keep track of Darkness - were liberated. This symbolically means that all the Light particles are now liberated from the encasement. While this may take a little time to filter down to the physical level, it means that it will be easier for Light beings now when they battle against Darkness.

Darkness has been substantially weakened since the Sacred Drumming took place because the New Green Energy has been released on a scale as never seen before. In fact, the Drumming marked the formal release of the New Green Energy. Prior to that only a few front-line warriors of the Light had been given small amounts to work with on this level.

The Drumming has commenced - the True Creator has spoken - the Rescue is near - Joy is on the wings. The BEN-DA-KO is here.

Soon we will feel the freedom and fly as Eagles again. Soon we will again be one with the True Creator.

Think not of the timing - think not of the placement - think not of the method of returning Home. Instead think of Home - of Love - of Joy - of True Happiness - of A-itu (the Eternal Flame).

Soon, like a sunset that transmits myriads of beautiful colours, the True Light beings, like an array of beautiful colours, will return to the realm of Light.

The separation of Ikluk from the Light signifies the separation of Darkness from the Light. This event was represented and carried out as foretold. I was accompanied by my faithful band of “Flying White Buffalos” during this event. Although there were some tense moments, the task was carried out successfully, victoriously and courageously as a total team effort.

Here is an abbreviated report by Awgawk that he has entitled Victory over Darkness:

The final battle against Ikluk was not without it's trial and tribulations . . .

On the eve of the ceremony, in the wee early hours of the morning, there were four energy probes carried out against Awgawk. In each case Awgawk caught the probe and burned it with the Divine Green Light Energy. Upon rising in the morning after sleep, Awgawk passed blood where there should have been stool. The probe attack from the previous evening had slightly wounded Awgawk inside. A quick healing was performed to rebuild Awgawk's body before the ceremony. Outside the sky was completely overcast except for and edge in the east. Instead of a red sunrise, the clouds of the east were bathed in pink.

At 12:00 noon, Awgawk lit the Sacred Battle Fire. . .

Awgawk protected the Ceremony Circle with Four Eagle Feathers placed at each doorway. A blanket was set upon the ground inside the Ceremony circle, just outside, to the West of the Inner Sacred Fire Circle. Upon this blanket was placed the tools for the battle, the Sacred Drum, the Sacred Pipe, the 15 year old ammunition packet of Ikluk's essence and its guardian packet, two glasses of water, tobacco, the list of evil beings (Ikluk and underlings) to be addressed, Whitewolf's gift feather and fish carving, Mother's gift Stone Necklace and Awgawk's ceremonial Eagle Feather. Each item was purified with A-itu the Sacred Flame by passing these items through the dancing flames of the Sacred Fire. The Children's Staff was purified and placed in the Northern position outside of the Inner Sacred Fire Circle.

At 1:35 pm, Awgawk introduced tobacco into the bowl of the Sacred Pipe, asking for the spirits of the six directions, the spirits of the eight peoples to enter the bowl of the Sacred Pipe. At 1:40 pm, the pipe was smoked in prayer, asking for the power to be given to Awgawk in order to deliver the fatal blow to Ikluk. During this prayer the wood pieces burning in the Sacred Fire began to move about as if someone was casting them aside. It was to no avail though as the pieces remained within the Sacred Fire Circle. Awgawk then drank one glass of water then took up the Sacred Drum, released the eight eagle feather to dangle from the four colors twine attaching the feathers to the drum. Awgawk struck the drum five times in a set of three beats for each time, the first to recognize the Creator, the other four to recognize the four element beings that would carry the resonance of the drumbeat in every corner of creation where Ikluk thought to seek refuge. A great shield was thence erected around Awgawk, Mother and the Flying White Buffalo Warriors.

At 1:50 pm Awgawk then played the drum, an irregular beat at first but soon turning into a smooth rhythm gaining in tempo and sang the Sacred Song in accompaniment to the flowing drum beat. Awgawk played and sang for six minutes while the drum feathers danced at the side of the drum, twirling right up and over to touch the top skin of the drum. (Simultaneously, Mother and Whitewolf were also drumming and singing the sacred song in two separate locations in Australia.) Upon conclusion of the Sacred Song Awgawk placed the drum aside to pick up the ammunition packet and ceremonial feather. For four minutes Awgawk prayed, clasping the packet of Ikluk's essence, felt the Divine Green Light Energy attach to the packet as prayed for. The prayer was:

Creator! I ask in all humbleness to be given the power to send on to Ikluk, to extinguish this evil being from creation. I send ten arrows in this bundle, and I send ten more than that to insure that Ikluk will be no more. Creator! I ask also that the list of evil beings (as I read them off) be included in this destroying energy that I send. Creator! I ask that the snoops who work for evil be delivered a whiff of the Divine Green Light Energy to destroy them from their evil work. Creator! I ask that the Flying White Buffalo Warriors protect me as I deliver this packet to Ikluk. Creator! I ask that Mother be protected, that her projected self be safely removed from Ikluk, returned to Mother and that she will stand amongst us at the conclusion of this ceremony. Creator! I ask to send my energy essence with Mother as she extracts her projected self from Ikluk, just in case she may need this extra power. Thank you Creator for hearing my prayer.

At 2 seconds to 2:00 pm Awgawk took the list from the blanket, held it alongside the Ikluk essence packet, bearing his feather directly in front of his heart and said four times, “Ikluk, you are no more”. The Sacred Fire materials were moving about as Awgawk concluded saying the third 'more' and threw the packet into the flames with the list. The packet burst into flame, immediately sending out a dirty gray-black tendril of smoke as Awgawk repeated the saying one last time, “Ikluk, you are no more”, Underlings, You are no more” watching the list also rapidly burn as Awgawk concluded. The materials of the Sacred Fire came to rest, no longer being moved about the Fire Circle. Awgawk then heard a mournful scream coming from far off, almost inaudible. The four-legged, the dogs of the community started to howl, causing quite a clamor in response to the distant scream. Awgawk took up the Children's Staff, struck the ground three times in repetition, repeating, “Ikluk, You are gone” three times. Awgawk then drank the second glass of water.

As the ceremony concluded the sky turned an unnatural shade of gray, filtered as if light from the hidden sun was being further blocked. The Divine Green Light Energy began to refill Awgawk's reservoir immediately after the ceremony. Awgawk gathered up the remaining ceremonial tools, Children's Staff and blanket to return them to their resting places. Upon returning to the Sacred Circle, a Black Eagle flew slowly by gazing down at the circle. The Eagle flew silently away, fading into the distance. A great feeling of joy overcame Awgawk.

In conclusion Awgawk knows full well that he carried the Special Excalibur Arrow, but it was the combined power of the team, Mother and the Seven Flying White Buffalo Warriors that helped Awgawk to deliver the fatal blow to Ikluk and his evil underlings. In conclusion Awgawk thanks all the Warriors who stood steadfast in their duty to the Light who were instrumental in the final release of the 'Light Particles' from their horrendous captivity. It is done Mother, My brothers and Sisters.

Aho. These are my words of truth. This is what has transpired at my post location.

Walk in peace and carry love my family. Aho.


Here is an acknowledgment by Miant that was sent soon after the event:

My Dear Family,

All went well, so very well. Success and Victory for the Light! I could feel all the Warriors around Our Mother and Awgawk and our shield was so very strong. A very well earned and decisive Victory, total Victory, absolute Liberation.

About 2 hours after the special exercise I had a brief meditation. Immediately I saw myself sitting in victory celebration upon the White Buffalo! Our dear Tchaikovsky (in a white bison body). Then I saw Babaji standing serenely in white robes. Then I cried and cried as I sensed, "Our Family is Home!"

All my love,


I will close this message with my acknowledgement to the various participating “Flying White Buffalos”:

I thank you all for all the help and service to the Divine in this morning's special "Excavation" Event. It is a total Victory for the Light, for us. All parts of the Light particles that each warrior and Light being carries that has been trapped in Darkness have been separated from Darkness.

I thank all the unseen warriors who stood by attentively and bravely to protect the shield and the participating warriors and especially for me, and for Awgawk, who took the Excalibur/The Big Arrow on my behalf to separate forever the parasitic attachment of Ikluk to the Light. Each of you has played your part well to help bring forth the final Victory. I also remember and acknowledge the “quiet achievers”, those who have helped in other ways behind the scenes who may or may not be physically here with us. Well done to all and a big thank you.

The gust of grey-black whirlwind that followed Ikluk's departure was so ferocious that it was attempting to pull the ones standing closest to it. I pulled Awgawk back from the ferocity of the pull as the separation took place. Miant temporarily took over the commanding position and ordered a full alert for all warriors to assist in pulling Awgawk and me back into the shield we had erected previously. We worked well as a team. All the participating warriors remained protected throughout the event.

Our pets here at Alukar Heights were calling out just before the ceremony started. It rained here in the middle of the night before the ceremony and it rained after the conclusion of the ceremony. The air felt cleansed. The power of the New Green Energy was felt maximally during the ceremony. The hearts of the warriors were opened to receive it with tremendous love and devotion. The warmth of the powerful New Green Energy could be felt swirling especially on the upper part of the bodies and the higher energy centres.

I was radiating even the night before the ceremony and I continued to radiate after the event.

We celebrated here by offering all the beautiful pets a special treat.

This was indeed a joyous Day for the Liberation of all warriors and children of Light. The parts of the Mother who actively participated in the event were saturated with the New Green Energy throughout the ceremony. Divine gifts have been released to you all in different ways. Enjoy them and use them wisely.

The journey Home will soon begin. Many will see a change in the atmosphere of the world.

The Terminal Madness of the End Time will now engulf the world!

Rejoice all ye brave warriors, all ye children of Light. Rejoice, for you are now truly returning Home at last.

Na' gat- too What-si. All is done victoriously,

Have a wonderful day.

Mission accomplished! Message relayed to Ayudah YO2Z0.


White Buffalo Woman

Having said all the above, I would like to add a word of caution. While victory is now assured, we must still be very vigilant and alert as Darkness could give off some final gasps. Attacks from the opposition may well continue, but the opposition is now substantially weakened so it should now be easier to handle them.

With Love and Blessings,