Greetings to all Tarra-ha-tikas

Today we buried our beautiful, brave warrior Lovey, who was one of the 36 people at the original Kiowa Apache encampment when it was visited by myself as the White Buffalo Woman about 2,000 years ago. I left a gift of Purity for them in the form of the White Buffalo when I left them.

Lovey was a “lost” dog who came to us at Alukar Heights 2 ½ months ago. He was a Jack Russell terrier who was white like Tchaikovsky except he had brown ears and a bit of brown on his forehead. He was a smart, loving and very active little puppy. I named him Lovey because he was so loving and reminded me of Tchaikovsky who was the White Buffalo 2,000 years ago.

On the day when Lovey arrived at Alukar Heights the first dog he met was a dog named Lancelot whose consciousness is that of the late Laurance Burry. The two “dogs” met in the field and greeted each other excitedly and expressed great friendship. It was obvious that they knew each other before. Since then, these two dogs have played together from time-to-time. They were always looking forward to each other's company. They played together on the day before Lovey was stricken, and for the first time, I took many photos of the two playing together.

On the afternoon of Wednesday the 20th of October 2004, shortly after I had finished writing Final Reflections #6, I brought Eddie back to Babaji's place where Lovey and Jamie stay. I did not publish that article that night as planned because of what transpired later and I wanted to protect Lovey from being singled out.

The three dogs played together happily at Babaji's. Their enclosure is right off our front door. About ½ an hour after Eddie joined them, I was impressed to go outside the house at Babaji's to check on the three of them. I looked at Lovey and felt something was amiss even though he was his usual bubbly self, jumping up and down with the others to greet me. Although I was very busy at the time I decided to stay for a minute longer to more closely observe Lovey. Within the minute I spent watching him, I saw him limp on his front legs, then he walked normally again, and then he stumbled. In that short time he became unable to stand on his feet. He deteriorated so quickly that it was obvious that he was in serious trouble. Steffan called the veterinarian, who was about to leave for the day and said we would be there immediately with a sick dog.

It took us less than 15 minutes to get to the vet's office. On the drive to the vet's I affirmed that the vet who would attend to Lovey would be guided to give him the proper treatment without interference from the opposing Force. The vet on duty took one look at Lovey and declared he was behaving like a snake-bitten dog. He said that it was good that we brought him in early, when he was still conscious. Before the snake bite was treated, we found a very suspicious looking tick on Lovey's neck. It was big and appeared to be a paralysis tick from the top, but certainly not from the underside. Two vets and one assistant looked at the tick and none could conclusively identify it. Steffan and I are familiar with paralysis ticks, and neither of us thought it was one. Our first impression was that it was an alien form. The vets said it was very strange. The consensus was that it is not a paralysis tick. We live in an area infested with paralysis ticks, so these vets have seen them many times and can easily identify them. Yet, this tick was an enigma to the vets. I squished it and it was soft, unlike any other large paralysis ticks, which are usually very difficult to squash.

Lovey was in a snake-proof enclosure with Jamie and Eddie when he was stricken, but the snake had attempted to breech the barrier. Had the snake compromised the fence, it would have had no exit but it would have had access to the adjacent area also. At the time the snake approached, I was the most likely to be in the area for many reasons. When I investigated the matter in the subtle level, I found that a 3 foot long brown snake (one of the deadliest snakes in the world) was about to enter the enclosure when Lovey challenged it, denied it entrance but was bitten.

Upon reflection, I realized that when I held Lovey the day before the incident, I felt that his body was very light. This indicates that his etheric body was already loosening up. I brushed it aside because it could mean several other things.

Lovey responded very well to the anti-venom treatment for brown and tiger snake bites. However, based upon the word of a recent Masa-karas “walk-in”who works at the vet's office who claimed that Lovey was displaying classic signs of paralysis tick symptoms, Lovey was given treatment for paralysis tick by the vet the next morning. Paralysis tick treatment is invasive and drastic for any animal, especially for a puppy who had just been treated for snake bite. It should be noted that the vet who originally treated Lovey was given guidance and he discarded any possibility of tick problems at that time even though it went against one of his colleague's diagnosis of it being a paralysis tick.

After being treated for the tick, Lovey was moved to a supposedly quiet area to keep him cool and calm, which is important for recuperating from a tick bite. Yet, it was a constantly noisy place where laundry machines were going next to it and the air conditioner was quite loud inside. He was laid on the tile floor to keep him cool. But, the floor vibrates due to all the machinery nearby so it was not a quiet place, nor was it a restful place. It was not conducive to recuperating and it was depressing inside.

While he was at the vet's clinic, Steffan and I visited Lovey 3 times a day, and I gave him healing each time. He would always respond and pick right up after the healing. We could feel a lot of subtle attacks on Lovey at the vet's. Steffan tried to give healing to Lovey on several occasions, but could not because it was such a battlefield. Steffan ended up having to battle the evil forces while I was healing Lovey. When a person is giving healing it is a very vulnerable time for them as they are open and cannot always be in the best protective mode.

The healing overcame the treatment for the tick and Lovey was improving until late Friday afternoon, when he went into failure shortly after we left the clinic. As we arrived to see him, we found another vet trying to give him oxygen to stabilize his breathing. They did not know that we were coming as we had only left the vet's office a couple of hours earlier when Lovey was doing quite well and looked to be on the road to full recovery. When I looked at Lovey I was shocked at his deteriorated condition. I saw a “flash” of the conditions of other animals being treated there that I did not like to see as I was going over to help and comfort Lovey.

The vet was about to close for the weekend, and we asked if we could stay the night with Lovey. Our request was denied because there would not be any other staff there. The vet said Lovey had only a 10 percent chance of survival. Lovey looked as though he was at the doorstep of physical death. She claimed that dogs with tick bites often have such failure in breathing that they like to euthanize them rather than watch them struggle for breath. I decided to take Lovey back to Alukar Heights rather than leaving him at the vet's. Steffan had also independently received a message from Tchaikovsky that Lovey would have no chance of survival at the vet's, and some chance at Alukar Heights.

We took Lovey home with intervenous drips attached to him. Before reaching home, Lovey was looking much better. I gave him healing straight away upon arriving home and he responded and was back on the road to recovery again. Although we were told Lovey was vomiting and had been given a lot of anti-vomiting medication, he did not vomit at all after returning to Alukar Heights and his temperature dropped back to normal. The next day, we called the vet and she was surprised Lovey made it through the night. She did a house call twice on Saturday to replace the drips. She was pleased and surprised at his progress. She had said earlier that if he could make it through the first 12 hours after we brought him home, he would have a much better chance of survival.

The “miraculous” turn around of Lovey's condition was a strengthening experience for all of us who are of the Light. It has a carry-over effect. It was a profound healing experience brought about by Divine Love and Divine Power. However, do bear in mind how traumatic and difficult it must have been on Lovey to be so close to death so many times and still keep battling for survival.

We were well aware of many big battles and attacks by many different dark beings. They had easier access to Lovey at the vet's office because nobody there would suspect subtle forces at work. Besides, the office is full of Masa-karas.

Steffan and I kept 24 hour watch on Lovey at our house and one of us was always awake with him. Usually both of us were. I gave Lovey healing during most of the time and he was responding very well. At the vet's, Lovey's condition was so weak that he had extremely limited mobility. Once we brought him home and I gave him healing, Lovey was able to move his legs, his tail curled up as it does when he is well, and he lifted his head upright. Soon, he was able to get up on his haunches. These are all indications that there was no paralysis tick, because the rear end of the dog is the last to recover mobility, and it takes several days for one to be able to get up on his haunches.

Even at Alukar Heights, Steffan had great difficulty in giving Lovey any healing. Each time he tried he got into big battles with dark beings. So finally he went into full defensive mode while I performed the healings. On Saturday night, there were two major attacks from the highest echelon of the Dark side. Lovey survived them both.

While the healing was going on, a great many beings of Light were present on the subtle level assisting in the healing. Ikluk thought they were vulnerable because of the concentration on the healing of Lovey. He decided to strike all of them at the same time and sent his elite guards to do battle and to try to kill Lovey and me. It is an obsession of his to try to kill me, and he was now obsessed with taking the life of the little puppy who protected me so valiantly also. The snake was originally intended for me because I was working just outside the enclosure as I went in and out of the house. However, Ikluk's plan backfired on him because the forces of the Light were in fact ready for his forces to arrive.

The first attack happened while Steffan was watching Lovey and I tried to rest in the other room. I was struck while I was just about to fall asleep. (Between us, we had less than an hour of sleep in the last 48 hours). I fought my way out of the attack and went straight to Lovey, who was in a critical condition. I had slurred speech, heart pain and felt like I might have had a stroke. Steffan recognized this attack as Darkness had done it one time before and he used the “kiiiiiii” sound to break it up then and again this time. Both times the “kiiiiiii” sound was effective in breaking the negative energy. Within a couple of minutes, I regained “normality” and I quickly gave healing to Lovey while Steffan assisted in erecting protective shields around Lovey.

There were many dark beings about and both Steffan and I were very busy putting up shields of many types while I simultaneously sustained Lovey until the protection was sufficient to give him true healing. I decided to use the special feathers from the Sacred Drumming. Steffan held one over Lovey in protective position while I held the other. We got a message from Tchaikovsky (who was very active during the whole ordeal) that we needed to hold the feathers for 10 more minutes. We did and Tchaikovsky let out a whoop of joy as they captured and carted off nearly all the invading dark beings. It was a joyous and victorious moment.

Shortly after this, I was able to give full attention to healing Lovey, and he went from nearly comatose to very bright in a short while. He was able to stand back up on his haunches again, and he began using his rear legs a bit also. It was a complete recovery from the attack. He had plenty of fluids via the IV, and was ready for some much needed rest.

After a couple of hours, I tried again to get some rest with the other pets who felt lonely since Steffan and I were giving round-the-clock attention to Lovey. As soon as I lay on the bed, I felt a force field being launched at me. Again, my speech started to slur and I had trouble using my limbs. Just then, Steffan rushed in and said that Lovey needed my help. He could tell I was being attacked again at the same time as Lovey was. He urged me to hurry to Lovey's aid then shot out of the room back to Lovey's side. The thought of Lovey being in danger broke the negative force field. I was able to get up directly and by the short time I got to Lovey my speech had returned to normal.

I could not believe my eyes when I saw how far Lovey had deteriorated in those few minutes that I was away. I felt thirsty, so I figured that he must be. Steffan checked and found him almost totally dehydrated, which made no sense at all because the IV drips were running normally and had kept him hydrated all this time. Steffan turned the drips up to near full and we offered Lovey water as I gave him healing. This goes against all the advice of treating tick bites, because the vets advise people that no water should be given in such a situation because the swallowing reflex is affected by tick venom - the dogs could choke and suffocate. Lovey took the healing and the water without any problem. Within an hour he drank almost a litre of water, which is equivalent to the whole bag of drips for the day. He would have drunk more but we were spacing it out because he had not drunk water for nearly 4 days. He was able to consume the water without any adverse effects and no signs of vomiting.

While I was giving healing to Lovey, I asked Steffan to join me because the timing was critical. As soon as he started to give healing, Steffan quit and instead placed his hands over Lovey in a protective position. As he fought off the negative invader, he had actual contact with the putrid being and declared to me “It's the Beast!” From his description of the entity, I knew that he had indeed seen the Beast. I could feel the Beast's presence while I was protecting Lovey. (Yet I had never discussed how the Beast looked with Steffan before).

I then “saw” beyond the Beast's face and “saw” the face of Paramahansa Yogananda. He was the one who wrote the book Autobiography of a Yogi. (That was the Beast's last “incarnation” on the Earth. Although Yogananda appeared to be spiritual and had claimed to be close with Haidakhan Babaji, Babaji refuted his false claim of a close relationship with him). Then we launched an intense counter-attack on the Beast and Its entourage. We stood back-to-back with Lovey between us while we were fighting. I called upon the Flying White Buffalos and the Twelve Sisters and other Warriors of the Light to assist us. I called upon the Trawlers also.

The Beast became enraged at the little puppy who dare defy death so the Beast came personally with his top “hit men” this time. Most of his other group had been rounded up in the earlier battle that evening. The battle with the Beast and his “army” was the biggest clash of both sides that I have ever experienced in the physical. Babaji, Thomas, Tchaikovsky, Agro, Beauty, Tronto and many other Light Warriors were present. We could also feel the presence of those Warriors of the Light who had participated in the Sacred Drumming all about us.

Indeed, the BEN-DA-KO has begun!

It was an enormous clash. Afterwards, Steffan felt awful from touching the putrid Beast. He declared that the Beast has no redeeming value whatsoever. Steffan cleansed himself thoroughly before returning to Lovey.

Throughout the encounter, Steffan and I went from exhaustion to being highly charged. Neither of us were sleepy or tired any longer. It was a profound victory for the Light. While I cannot reveal everything that transpired in the battles, what I have given you will give you enough of an idea of the enormity and complexity of the battle.

Once again, Lovey sprang back very quickly and was soon on the road to full recovery. The drips ran out before morning, so we took Lovey to see the vet on Sunday morning, as he was now well enough to travel. The vet was very surprised to see Lovey so bright and recovering so well and so quickly. She put in a new catheter, and we took him home, but by the time we arrived home, the flow had stopped by a blood clotting in the catheter. We tried to free the block but were unable to solve the problem. So we took Lovey back to the vet and she inserted a new catheter. She had great difficulty in doing this, but finally it worked. However, by the time we got home, it was again blocked. The vet was gone, so we left a message. Finally, we took out the catheter and gave Lovey water to drink. He began to heal again and was walking about then without the IV drips.

We were able to reach the vet 4 hours later, and she injected him with 120 ml of fluid since the IVs were obviously being sabotaged by subtle forces. However, she did not understand that. The vet said Lovey looked pretty good. His lungs were clear, his heart was working fine, and his temperature was normal. When she injected the fluid into Lovey's back, Steffan commented that he looked like a cape buffalo, and then referred to Lovey as our white buffalo.

The vet sent Lovey home and said we could start giving him small amounts of food if he would take it. She thought he was well on the way to mending. Just after 9:00 pm on Sunday night, Lovey began to look above the ceiling and all over the room, ever looking upward, as though he was seeing something. I remarked to Lovey that he had many visitors. The thought that he might be going Home came over me. But, Lovey was looking so well that the signs of physical death were overridden. Besides, his aura was strong and gave no indication of impending physical death. In spite of Lovey's apparent recovery, I still gave him a total spirit healing and blessing. Steffan had also been impressed to say a prayer of blessing for Lovey.

We had been playing the Luminescence CD for Lovey all day. I asked Steffan to put on Loving You for Lovey to hear. It was the first time we played that CD for Lovey. It was about 9:30 pm. As soon as the title song (Loving You) started to play, Lovey moved towards me and started “talking” in a distinct language pattern that gave me the inner knowing that he was saying “Mommy, I love you and I am going to be free soon.” I felt an inner peace from this. Then he started barking and singing to the song and continued throughout the entire CD. When Luminescence was put back on, Lovey continued singing to that CD. Individual dogs at Alukar Heights responded to Lovey's barking and singing one at a time. I have never seen or heard anything like that before. His barks were clear and strong with a distinctive pattern. They seemed to be conveying information. When Wandering Minstrels started playing, Lovey sang along with the entire piece without taking a break. He also kept singing and barking after Luminescence concluded and Loving You was again played. This continued for nearly two hours.

Steffan then received a message from Tchaikovsky, who was close by during the whole ordeal. The message was delivered joyously with exuberance: “Never before has so much love been poured down here. It is a great victory.”

After receiving the message and passing it on to me, Steffan took Lovey's temperature. He was a little cool, but in the normal range. Steffan then stepped outside of the room to clean the thermometer. Just as he left, Lovey gave his loudest single bark and left the physical peacefully. As soon as I heard his last bark, I called out to Steffan “Lovey is gone!”

Lovey died peacefully. At no time did Lovey ever struggle for breath, as is so common in the final stages of physical death. His body looked strong and healthy. He did not tire during all the time he was singing and barking. He looked almost his normal self, certainly strong for a dog who had been through so much since Wednesday.

We placed Lovey's body in the temple, which is just next to his enclosure. Strangely, there was no release of bodily fluids, as usually occurs in physical death. His body remained in tact and he looked peaceful even the following day before his burial. I picked 36 blades of beautiful green and white leaves representing the 36 members of the Kiowa Apache encampment. I placed the leaves on the grave. The weather was good for the service and there was a sense of victory and comfort even though we missed Lovey's physical presence.

While Lovey was with us only a short while, he completed what he came here to do. He is also known as Ki-roo-wak-to, who is like a spiritual brother to Tchaikovsky. Laurance (the dog called Lancelot) was working under Ki-roo-wak-to before they both came back in canine bodies to come to Alukar Heights. Lovey is mainly white and Lancelot is a cute all-black poodle.

Lovey acted like bait for Ikluk. You may recall that we reported that Awgawk had finished off Ikluk recently in what has been called the "Excavation" event. Ikluk is one of the many faces of the Anti-Christ, who is a being of great deception.

Incidentally, on the night of the "Excavation" event one of the Flying White Buffalos dreamt that he defied Ikluk by setting one of the Warriors free from Ikluk's clutches in absolute defiance of Ikluk's threat. This was a very significant dream. That same Flying White Buffalo had a very similar dream again on the night that Lovey passed away (an event he had no physical knowledge of at the time he went to sleep that evening). It was a similar dream except that this time the setting was at Alukar Heights and he even more defiantly set the Warrior free of Ikluk's clutches despite Ikluk's threat.

The Seven Flying White Buffalos are here on Earth as projections of their selves. This is for safe-keeping. Ikluk knew of this, and he tried to imitate the projection process in his latest “incarnation”. What he tried to do is remain safely in his cave and sent out his projection just in case something might happen to it.

After the "Excavation" event I still sensed that Ikluk was free at large, however, he was certainly weakened. It was then that I realized that Awgawk and the rest of the Flying White Buffalos and I had battled with Ikluk's projection, and not Ikluk's full self. It was then that I started to write a challenging article to annoy him, hoping it would anger him enough to lure him from his hiding place in the cave. Ikluk took the bait.

Ikluk was frustrated in his attempts to kill me and also little Eddie (the dog who was crippled that I healed). First, he sent his agent, a wicked brown snake to get me and also to get Eddie, but Lovey stood guard at the enclosure and battled the snake valiantly, although he suffered a serious wound from the extremely venomous snake. Had the snake got in the enclosure, I would have been in extreme danger, as would have been Eddie, Jamie, Troy, Princess and Lovey.

Further, the snake would have been right at the front door of our house. Lovey's demonstration of unconditional love, purity and bravery infuriated and enraged Ikluk, who cannot stand Purity and True Love. It was then that Ikluk's focus of hate was shifted from me to Lovey. This became an obsession with Ikluk. He tried to harm Lovey, but he failed miserably in his attempts, and in fact devastated himself in the process. Further, Ikluk's ego was bruised when I sent one of the Flying White Buffalos to go after him instead of me going after him personally. He was also upset that I was openly challenging him.

Because I was impressed to check out Lovey right after the attack, we were able to rush Lovey to the vet and he received proper treatment for a snake bite. However, Ikluk tried to programme the people at the vet's office to cause problems for Lovey by giving him unneeded tick treatment among other things. We finally took Lovey home to Alukar Heights where he recovered even though the opposition attacked him repeatedly.

Ikluk then sent vast forces to Alukar Heights in an attempt to strike Lovey, but they were devastated by the first battle on Saturday night. It was only a few hours later that Ikluk launched the even more fierce attack in which he led his putrid forces right back to Alukar Heights to try to murder Lovey. It was then that his presence in the battle became obvious. He came out of his lair ranting and huffing like a spoilt brat and in his anger forgot the danger he would be in if he were caught.

In the battle, Ikluk was severely wounded and his “disguise shield” was heavily damaged so his full self was revealed. He can no longer hide behind the shield. He is now too weak to erect another “disguise shield” quickly enough to use in the next encounter. Further, his elite forces have been weakened substantially. Therefore, Ikluk is now vulnerable and he is in a precarious state. Incidentally, it was reported in a local paper that during the time of our huge battles with Ikluk and his forces an unprecedented crime spree took place. Further, there were very strange typhoons and earthquakes occurring in Japan at the same time.

It is ironic that Ikluk, who is a part of the master of deception and unseen ruler of this plane, has been so thoroughly defeated by the power of love carried in a little Jack Russell terrier called Lovey. Lovey was the first Warrior to go Home since the Sacred Drumming occurred.

The battle continues . . . but the Warriors of the Light are ready . . .

I thank all the Warriors who have assisted in the battles.

Stay strong and focused on the Love of the Divine.

Love and Blessings,