Greetings to all Tarra-ha-tikas

Christ is on this plane at this time for the final battle between Good and Evil. However, Christ would not be recognised by most because the misinformation in various myths, legends and gospels about Christ make it nearly impossible for most people to begin to recognise Christ.

There is also an Anti-Christ – the personification of Evil – on this plane at this time. Despite what many think and believe, there is a personal Devil. The Devil is an inveterate liar and deceiver, a manipulator and performer, a murderer and controller who derives pleasure from watching beings suffer. The Devil is a manifestation of the Anti-Christ.

There are 22 parts to the Anti-Christ. Often, any one of the 22 parts can be referred to as being the Anti-Christ. In this generation, the 22 parts are all being hosted in human bodies. The first part of the Anti-Christ is represented by the “Big O”.

Outwardly, the “Big O” may appear to be fighting for some political/religious freedom/ideology, but his “spiritual” objective was to act as a catalyst for the implementation of the One World Order. For a period of time, in order to allow the “Big O” to express fully and expose himself fully, the “Twelve Sisters” were deliberately and purposefully programmed BY THE LIGHT to respond to the “artificially filtered” qualities of the “Big O”, which in that state of “artificial filtering” gave him the appearance of being one of the “Twelve Sisters”.

Thus, none of the “Sisters” resisted or impeded the “Big O” as he carried out his assignments for Darkness. But now, the “artificial filter” has been removed and the “Twelve Sisters” will no longer favourably respond to the “Big O” and will recognise him for what he is – the number one part of the Anti-Christ. When all the “Sisters” recognise the “Big O”, that part of the being will be totally neutralized.

The “Big O” has been proclaimed by many world leaders to be “Satan” personified, which ironically, is correct, although they do not really believe their own propaganda. The “Big O” is a terrorist in the eyes of many, and the hatred kindled for him has allowed world leaders to contrive and hijack a world-wide war upon terrorists. By implementing this “war on terror”, the world leaders have gained a great deal of control of the population of the Earth with draconian legislation and policies which lead the world closer and closer to the formal establishment and acceptance of the One World Order.

Some of the parts of the Anti-Christ are in rather insignificant positions by worldly standards. However, as with most things in this world, they are not always what they appear to be. It might be of interest to you that the number 2 part of the Anti-Christ is in the body of an Eastern religious guru.

In this generation, the 3rd part of the Anti-Christ plays the most significant role. This part was also the part that played the role of John the Baptist in the time of Jesus. The 3rd part of the Anti-Christ is the most active one at this time because it is the part which Christ will confront once all the other parts of the Anti-Christ have been fully neutralized. Of the 22 parts of the Anti-Christ, all but 3 of them have been neutralized. This involves two other parts and the number 3 part spoken of earlier.

The number 3 part of the Anti-Christ is the main part responsible for the spread of the concept of “compassion” under the guise of compassion being akin to spirituality. True compassion is found only in True-Light beings. The compassion that the number 3 part of the Anti-Christ promotes is used to trap True Divine beings into giving out their Divine Energy to benefit the nefarious activities of the False-Light beings. The number 3 part of the Anti-Christ was the Buddha of the East, who promoted pseudo-compassion to the detriment of Light beings.

Amongst other things, the number 3 being has also introduced a practice where nobody can totally succeed. This practice is often woven around the concept of “karma”, which incorporates the rule that there should be no killing of any living things. Yet, seriously speaking, there is no person in this world who has not committed this “crime” as a part of his or her daily survival on this plane. Take for example, when one is sick, regardless of whether one takes natural herbal medicine or conventional medicine to kill the “bugs or germs” in the body responsible for the illness, this still entails the killing of another species. Also, the consumption of animals, vegetables and minerals for survival are all acts of abusing and killing of other levels of consciousness. In fact, one cannot even breathe without killing other forms of living entities.

True beings are caught in the dilemma of expressing compassion physically, emotionally, mentally and/or spiritually. Often they even wish that they did not have the quality of compassion in them so that they would not feel the pain and suffering of others, including animals and plants.

Compassion as promoted by the Buddha gives the impression that it is a quality to be developed, but in truth, real compassion is in all True beings and is expressed whenever the situation calls for it. It needs no artificial development in True-Light beings. Compassion that is developed through artificial practice cannot stand the test of truth because it is not true compassion. This may bring to mind the images of the ones known as “Mother” Teresa and Diana. Their extremely well-disguised “compassion” is in fact founded upon their own self-interests – it does not come naturally from within for them nor is it in any way altruistic. False-Light beings have no true compassion because it is not a quality they have in their essence. Their pseudo-compassion is only a superficial emotional expression.

The one who played the role of Mohammad is the 6th part of the Anti-Christ. This part in his portrayal of Mohammad and in other lifetimes, has heavily promoted acceptance of the Anunnaki mentality of degradation of females and the establishment of polygamy throughout the world. Unfortunately, in any type of religion or organized followings sponsored by Darkness under the guise of the Light, there are always some True beings who are trapped.

While most parts of the Anti-Christ are in male bodies at this time, one of the parts housed in a female body is a prominent political figure in the West. Incidentally, although the other parts of the Anti-Christ are using adult bodies, one of the parts is at present using a youngster’s body. Another thing that needs mentioning – all parts of the Anti-Christ are inter-changeable from body to body. This means that any of the parts can use the bodies used by their other parts. They can also temporarily use bodies of animals, humans, etc. at any time to do their bidding.

While the concept of the Anti-Christ is predominantly a “Christian” idea, a concept synonymous to that has been known by other names in various cultures from time immemorial. A rose by any other name still smells as sweet; a putrid stench cannot a rose become, regardless of the amount of deodorant caked upon it.

One of the vigorous attacks used by Evil is to bombard True beings with implanted, programmed thoughts of despair and other destructive thoughts. True-Light beings must resist these negative/destructive thought patterns that are constantly directed at them. Do not energize them by entertaining such negative thoughts. Resist them as soon as you detect them. Resistance of such thoughts will be an on-going task until the Battle is over.

Do not resist truth or be disheartened when it is revealed to you, no matter how much it hurts, especially if it involves people who are supposedly close to you on this level. You cannot force anyone to respond to the Light. Each consciousness has to do it itself, regardless of its age because the spirit of the being knows. If they are beings of Light, they will be liberated from Darkness one day and they will be fine.

Loneliness can be a time for strengthening, self-healing and self-realization. It does not have to be a time of despair. It depends on how you view things. You can change your negative thought patterns by looking at things positively. You can transmute negative thoughts by replacing them with positive thoughts. You are literally energizing negative thoughts when you entertain them. By not entertaining negative thoughts, you will cut off the fuel supply which energizes and sustains them. Once the fuel supply is cut off, the negative thoughts will weaken and eventually dissipate. But, if you continue to entertain a negative thought, it will grow and grow through the energy that you give it. Before the situation gets out of control, you must cut the energy of the negative thought by not entertaining it or accepting it and it will soon weaken and leave you.

Be kind to yourself without being careless.
Be good to yourself without weakening yourself.
Be supportive of yourself without strengthening the lower ego.
Take pride in yourself without being egotistical.
Nurture yourself without nurturing your weaknesses.
Discipline yourself without blinding yourself to the truth.
Heal yourself without succumbing to falsehood.
Love yourself without losing your true self.

Things are going as planned by the Light. We have every reason to be inwardly joyous, even while everything around us is falling apart to the extent that it might affect us personally – but the chaos is only a temporary state.

Let us remind ourselves to consciously turn inwardly to connect to the Divine Peace, Love and Light.

Love and Blessings