Greetings to all Tarra-ha-tikas

Of late, the final part of my work has gone into full swing, as had been foreseen. It looks like everything is on target. It has never been easy - and it has often been extremely difficult.

Due to the physical workload that I have, which entails enormous physical responsibilities and time, the energy work is made all the more difficult. The only thing that I could remove from my schedule to gain more time was to eliminate e-mail correspondence with the outside world. This has had the added benefit of keeping my energy more concentrated so that I can better engage in this energy war.

I thank all of you who have written and given support to Alukar Heights Sanctuary Animal Foundation (AHSAF) and to Attas Beethoven Animal Rescue (ATTBAR). These two organisations were set up for energy activities and to take care of animals, many of whom are special beings who have taken on animal bodies.

I have engaged in many energy battles through my recent public writings under the pen name of “D. M.” I have purposely revealed myself to the opposition. I have exposed their hiding places and I have stirred up the hornets. I have engaged in exposing them and thwarted their plans. This has often come at a high price to my physical body, co-workers of Light and to the animals at Alukar Heights.

With each public posting, the opposition launched severe attacks. This has often been very hard on those close to me as they can see the effects of the attacks upon me and upon the animals we look after. Often, I let the opposition dissipate much of their energy in the attacks before I retaliated. This was done in order to reduce their strongholds and capabilities. This process often translated in physical sacrifices, pain, humiliation and extreme difficulty for me and for those affected including the beings in animal bodies.

The opposition tried repeatedly to engage me into revealing my identity prematurely, but I resisted this until it was the right time. I know who I am and why I am here at this time. It does not matter to me or the Work if people do not recognize my energy.

Of recent, the opposition, disguised as psychics and prophets, is pushing their agendas to try to usurp my writings and to corrupt them for their own nefarious purposes. I am happy to announce that in the last three months the Light has been able to disarm the opposition on many levels, including the media. Many agents of the ruling elite have been exposed, disarmed and weakened on an international level as they are being exposed to the energy of my writings throughout various countries in the world including Europe and Asia We have won more than ten great battles in the last three months and have thwarted the opposition's plans. Things have accelerated greatly in the last few months. Once we have reached a certain point, we will no longer intervene and we will allow what will happen to happen.

Some of you are very worried about my recent predictions. As you know, I have not done predictions publicly until recently. Again, this is for a good reason and in furtherance of the Plan.

Of what I have predicted, the thrust of it will not happen so soon. The governments have got their agents to pose as psychics and prophets giving out false predictions, misinformation and/or disinformation about the ruling elite's plans for staged events. Do not be fooled by them, and do not be afraid.

I have recently caused the opposition considerable delays in their plans and have forced them to make alterations to the implementation of those programmes. They know who I am and they do not want to alert the public of my identity. That, in fact, suits me because that is what I want.

Their eyes are turned on me and upon my writings. They have tried to put viruses into our computers and they have tapped our phones; they have launched unprovoked, malicious attacks and lies in their concerted smear campaign against me and the Work. But, they know what I say is true.

I have purposely allowed two CIA agents to be on the Nara members' site. I have done this to feed the information directly to the CIA. They haven't fooled us.

Many outside are quietly recognising our Message. Be aware that my predictions of physical calamities may not happen so soon, but social collapse could happen at anytime - it may happen very quickly and suddenly. These could include failure of the internet, money, banking, health systems, utilities and food production/distribution etc.

Thus, it will be wise to be prepared with the essentials and be guided inwardly. What is most important is our spiritual purification. This is a purification time to prepare our spirit for the journey Home.

It is good to have drinking water, candles, matches and a supply of dried/canned food on hand, along with blankets and other personal essential things to assist in your temporary survival in the days ahead.

Most of those who are 50 and over will probably not see through the last stage of this planet. Again, I stress on purification of our spirit - daily communion with our spirit, with the Great Divine Spirit, A-itu - the Eternal Flame.

There might come a time when you are cut off from everyone and everything - but remember, you are never alone in spirit. The Pinto “hnggggggg” sound that I have given you will greatly assist you if you use it daily to build up your connection and shield. Ongoing practice of the sound will also assist you in maintaining the balance of the mind during the process of the breaking down of the Negative Mind. The facilitating “kiiiiiii” sound can be used in many situations to break up negative energies, or for healing and other purposes. It will also greatly assist you in maintaining the equilibrium of the body and mind. Both sounds have been through the Fire and have proven to be effective.

In the past, the opposition has given out false information, misinformation and disinformation. But, I have, for example, pinpointed many months in advance when they would strike the Twin Towers in New York and the date of the Iraq invasion.

I do not normally give out dates publicly, but I shall warn that September 26, 2004 has been planned by the opposition to cause extreme problems. However, they might change their date or their nefarious plans could once again be thwarted if it is the Light's plan to intervene.

Source #7, like many of my recent articles, has been posted publicly in many forums. It could well be my last public posting of information on outside forums. However, I shall continue to post on the Nara member's site or at for as long as is necessary. This too, could stop anytime without warning.

Many of us have hoped that when our consciousness leave this place, that our bodies are not left on automatic pilot or subsequently occupied by another consciousness. To hope for this is one thing, but that is not a reason to take matters into your own hands.

Let things transpire as they will. What will be, will be. Trust that everything will be fine ultimately.

You can see the world fracturing even though the opposition is still trying to hide it by giving out false information and disinformation in an attempt to destabilise, confuse and control you. Listen to your True heart, not your physical mind in times of such confusion and you will find inner peace and guidance.

Each of you can prepare by giving a blessing to yourself, your pets and those you care deeply for to assist in the return Home.

When social chaos swamps the world - it will quicken the process of the physical collapse of the planet. Bear in mind that the ruling elite will do all they can to maintain control over the people on the planet until the last possible moment.

Persevere and NEVER give your Will over to Darkness.

The viable beings of Light will be out of here before this world collapses and disintegrates.

The programmed physical body will probably react with some concern and fear, but that is not the real you. If that should happen to you, do not be concerned that it will have any bearing on your viability. Fear, panic and doubt are only programmed thoughts from the evil Cosmic. That is why PURIFICATION OF THE SPIRIT is essential to assist you with a calmer disposition and a smoother transition.


As your spirit becomes more and more purified, you will become stronger, calmer and better prepared for what is to come.

Attas Thomas Paine wrote in the heat of the American Revolution that: “These are the times that try men's souls.” Take heed from Paine and be strong in these times.

Babaji and all the special Beings send their love and blessings.

I take this opportunity to give you my Blessings in the name of A-itu, the Eternal Flame, the Divine Mother Absolute.

You can always speak to me in your heart.

Be Joyous,

Love and Peace,


© 2004 Amitakh Stanford & AHSAF