4th July 2004

Greetings to all Tarra-ha-tikas

This is my first posting on the Nara esoteric site speaking to you as the White Buffalo Woman. What this means is that I am using predominantly the qualities and energies of the White Buffalo Woman at this time.

I play many parts at various times. Some of these are presented as walk-ins in which I am known as: White Buffalo Woman, Jesus the Spiritual Warrior and the Divine Mother. Recently, gossip has been circulated on an enemy's public site.

Worse still, this was discussed on a public forum that is owned and operated by the CIA. For those who doubt the seriousness of this, the CIA is Big Brother. It is the organization that will attempt to implement the New World Order. It is these who are in direct contact with the Anunnaki Remnants on Earth.

The CIA knows no allegiance to anyone. Its evilness cannot be overstated. It is the most serious enemy to all people and all liberty on the planet. Whether it happens or not, the CIA is currently planning to implement a civil war in America, then after the staged rebellion takes place, the CIA will try to blame the patriots for it. The CIA will then have a witch hunt and persecute the patriots as it demonizes and blames them. It has done this many times to other groups under the guise of fighting the “war” on terrorism. Therefore, to openly give the CIA information - whether it is correct or otherwise - and to discuss me and the Work with the CIA is to show a total lack of understanding, disregard for consequences, an absence of sensitivity, let alone demonstrates an abyss of spirituality.

From within the once proud eagle of the Land will succumb.
Its pride and quest for power and control caused it to plant deception and corruption,
spelling its own doom - coming from within.
The plant of deception is most ambitious and cunning.
It has flourished on lies, wars and rumours of wars.
Now, the corrupted plant leads the eagle like a puppet.
When the eagle is exhausted the corrupted plant seeks to control all the Land.

Miant's recent announcement of Nara as the Divine Mother, Jesus the Spiritual Warrior and the White Buffalo Woman is a simplified explanation that the same being is using different qualities at different times of the Work. These qualities have been referred to as aspects. THIS REFERENCE SHOULD NOT BE MISUNDERSTOOD AS TALKING ABOUT DIFFERENT BEINGS. Hence, in the last few years, and especially in the last 18 months, I have expressed primarily as Jesus the Spiritual Warrior because the timing of the Work warranted it. Now, I have moved to the final stage of the final phase of the Work for which I will be using primarily the qualities of White Buffalo Woman. However, I will still use all my other qualities and expressions as required.

No other beings are being “absorbed” into me as publicly discussed by some ignorant and irresponsible ones. For a long time, I have had decoys and decoys within decoys on this realm to protect my identity until recently when my identity was revealed to the world when it was time. Before that, my decoys were active.

The revelation of my identity to the world is necessary to the Work for many reasons. However, none of you reading this should take it upon yourself to do ANY of that revelation. That is all being accomplished by the Energy itself. As you are probably aware, I am not here to gather followers or convince anyone. Neither should you try to convince anyone to read my writings, believe what I have written, or to follow me.

All viable True-Light beings will resonate to my energy. This includes mineral, vegetable, animal, human and other classes of consciousness. Those who would seek to evangelize about me are acting upon their own ego and ignorance. However, I forgive the offenders and hope that their hearts will open to the Light for guidance, especially during this critical period of Purification.

As an alien expression, I am second in command in the Rescue Operation. The first in command is the “real” me, who resides on the mothercraft. I am a projection of that being. All the other Amoebas (Attas/Rescuers) here are also projections of their “real” beings. It is done this way for safekeeping. I hope this helps you to understand a little bit more about the nature of the Work.

Love and Blessings,


White Buffalo Calf Woman's Letter of Warning
About Those Who Use the Dark Arts

21st June, 2004

An anonymous, threatening letter was sent to a Cherokee elder, Darrel Whitewolf, and others, which needs special attention because it comes from people who are calling upon animal and bird totems while corrupting Native American traditions with dark arts for very dark purposes. Below is a warning message from White Buffalo Woman addressing the offending letter.

White Buffalo Calf Woman's Letter of Warning
About the Offending Letter

I'atoo-ka. This is it.

This is the time for Purification of your heart, mind and spirit. The Purification is in preparation for the return to the Pure Realm of the Eternal Home.

It is troubling to have to respond to this very unspiritual and threatening letter that has been sent to various ones. But, these energies must be exposed as a part of the Purification Process.

There are those who harbour jealousy, hatred, greed and vengeance in their hearts. It is these types of people who are responsible for this unspiritual letter. Unfortunately for them, they have closed themselves off from the Great Spirit of Love and Purity. Therefore, this message of Love and Friendship needs to be mixed with warnings in an effort to help those who will take heed regardless of their colours or beliefs.

Remember, when the owl of the north flew into the new moon, it turned into a venomous tarantula. When power is tainted and misused, it turns the blood black. The call of the crows has been heard and the putrid lower forces from the Lower Underworld have been summoned by those who are no warriors, for they misuse their powers to threaten others with fear and blackmail in an attempt to force them to bow to their will.

Listen to the warning of the Great Spirit. Those who arrogantly seek to control others with fear and threats of injury will quiver when the Great Spirit judges their hearts. ONLY THE GREAT SPIRIT HAS THE POWER TO JUDGE ITS OWN CREATION. The deluded fools who dare to judge in spite and ignorance based upon their own views, regardless of the situation, will themselves be judged by their own hearts. It does not matter whether they are entities from the astral world or anywhere on Earth, all will be accountable for their own actions.

Men and women with dark hearts who inflict fear and harm on others will themselves be inflicted. Those with true hearts will stand tall before the Power of the Great Spirit. Be warned, all you who call upon Darkness through incantations and ceremonies to unlock the gates of the walking dead, the troubled ancestors and the Dark entities of the Lower Underworld to do your evil bidding - once Dark forces are unleashed, they will eventually take control of the “souls” of those who summoned them.

Whether these callers of Darkness hide behind the names of Thunderbeings, Black Jaguars, Kulda or any other names - no true elders will bow to them, for these callers and their entities do not represent the Great Spirit. If these callers and entities were of the Great Spirit, they would not threaten those who choose not to follow them to the “T”. Further, no beings of the Great Spirit would ever threaten non-combatant loved ones, even if they were foes. Why would the Great Spirit punish the innocent parties?

The threats by those using the names of supposedly powerful entities have exposed themselves. Of recent, many ceremonies have been performed “in the dark” under the disguise of being sacred medicine of the ancestors. True medicine passed down from the ancestors of great spirituality always carries a healing energy of Love, Compassion, Purity and Peace.

The threats and hate-filled messages from those who don Kwakutl masks as they call upon owls, crows, eagles, ravens who swim in the sea (oystercatchers) along with many animal totems to do dark deeds for them are dark attempts to pervert many beings and instil much fear. These callers are NOT of true spirituality. They are driven by jealousy, arrogance and negativity; their designs are evil.

If these callers were true and good in what they do, they would not have sent out such unloving, threatening and uncalled for warnings. After all, if they are to be believed in their boasts and representations, they themselves have broken the sacred traditions and they have perverted the sacred ceremonies of the ancestors. Those involved have tainted the ceremonies by forming alliances with the DARK ARTS and VOODOO from other lands. Yet, these same callers hypocritically insist on others being loyal to the sacred medicine of the ancestors. Some of these are shallow witches and warlocks who have profaned the sacred ceremonies and medicine - so where cometh the sacredness of which they claim?

The scavengers of the Lower World have threatened and controlled those walking dead of the Lower Underworld for a long, long time. Soon, even the trapped, pitiful walking dead and the troubled ancestors will be liberated when the scavengers of the Lower Underworld are vanquished. The wise ancestors will assist the troubled ones in time of need.

Peace Pipe is an expression of Love. War pipe is an aberration of Peace Pipe. War pipe is an expression of evil.

No war pipe is allowed to cross the mountains of Peace. No power that maliciously harms others can escape repercussions from its actions.

Three warnings have been issued by the Koka Tuka to those who summon the Dark forces to wreak havoc on those that they would terrorize. These warnings go especially to the female who has great influence upon them. The wise ancestors are not happy with those who misuse their names for evil.

Search your heart. Is it really the desire to preserve Truth and spirituality that motivates you? Or is it your burning jealousy of others and your insatiable hunger for perverted power that drives you to judge and force others to conform to your views and will? Be warned. Your dark motives have caused you to form alliances with the Shadows. Dislodge yourselves from the Shadows before it is too late for you to escape their clutches.

The misuse of power by those who intentionally inflict injuries upon the children of the Great Spirit will see their days in weeping fields of Absolute Separateness. Again, a warning is given to those who try to retaliate against anyone who does not please them. The Power of the Great Spirit and Its special representatives is far greater than any of the Shadows and their dark agents.

The Trawlers will patrol and turn the tables on the Rumblers and Thunderbeings. One step over the cross line will cause those of dark hearts many regrets and much pain. Take heed of the loving advice of the Messengers.

The Great Spirit urges you to purify your thoughts and deeds. Peace Pipe is an offering of Love.

Anything of true spirituality does not come from the Underworld. True spirituality can only come from a realm far beyond, where the Great Spirit resides. Anyone who calls on any entities from the Underworld or any recesses of the astral world does so in ignorance of the dangers of the Shadows.

There has been infiltration of the keepers by agents of Darkness associated with the ancient watchers from the sky. There has also been infiltration by those associated with the unjust controllers of the Land.

This is a message of Love even though it contains warnings.

All can choose Love and Eternal Joy in the wings of the Great Spirit. It is their freewill.

Those who seek to become one with the Great Spirit should take Purification of their spirit very seriously. The Great Spirit will speak to you in your hearts, if you listen. Those who listen will know what to do as inner guidance and strength are given to them.

Those of Pure hearts can stand against all arrows launched by those of Darkness. Be not afraid. The Power of the Great Spirit is infinitely greater than the limited power of the Shadows.

Kalou Whatu Sokar Ta-hi-too Si!

The Protective Spirit of the Infinite Mother-Father Creator surrounds Its children.

Nara - White Buffalo Woman

Note: The offending letter sent to Darrel Whitewolf and others along with Whitewolf's response appear at www.xeeatwelve.com under the same heading.