20th August 2004

Greetings to all Tarra-ha-tikas

It is time to share with you some of the significant points leading up to the present. All members of the Nara site are being privileged to receive the following confidential information. I urge you to keep it to yourselves. Please do not distribute the information contained in this posting to anyone. All the members have access to read it themselves. I especially urge you not to discuss it on the internet at any time. I also ask that you do NOT contact or discuss the contents of this posting with any of the people who will be mentioned in this posting.

In 2002, I told some individuals that the final phase of my public work would begin in 2003 and would begin in earnest in 2004. I also mentioned that I would be confronting the Anti-Christ Energy on the airwaves in the early part of 2004 and that my work in exposing Evil would finish in August 2004.

As you will soon see, most of these things have transpired and some will transpire very soon. I have consistently produced more writings for public posting and various physical projects on this level during the last 24 months than I have ever done previously. My work did indeed begin in earnest in 2004, culminating in confronting the Anti-Christ Energy on the internet in March when the Booth-plagiarism scenario occurred. That period was a hard time for all workers of Light, including the pets. Since before Angie's pups were born, Steffan and I have gone without proper sleep, usually getting no more than four hours in a night. Often, we have gone without sleep in order to catch up with the work. It has been exhausting and very difficult.

However, it has also been the most rewarding time of my work thus far because it signals the imminent completion of the Rescue Mission work. For a period of time, I concentrated primarily on the work of Jesus and the corruption of his work etc. During that time I exposed various forms of evil associated with his teachings.

I also exposed the Freemasons, who have woven their way into facets of many teachings. I neutralised their lost word. The writings I have posted thus far were not pre-planned and yet they have come together in a cohesive whole as if they had been planned in their sequence, and they all fit together.

In the last few months I have moved away from primarily expressing the work of Jesus and now express primarily as White Buffalo Woman. However, from time to time, according to needs, all of my expressions are used accordingly. As White Buffalo Woman I have often expressed in a lost ancient language known as Kaya-tu-sii, which I remember and speak when necessary and I have usually followed the words immediately with English words. Over the years, some of you who have attended my classes, workshops and seminars have noticed that I have spontaneously used the Kaya-tu-sii language, especially during ceremonial work.

As things developed naturally and speedily over the months - without prior planning so that Darkness cannot block the work so easily - the Light has been able to effectively and efficiently accomplish a great deal of work. This shows that Evil is fracturing. Things have progressed rapidly in the last few months. Eighteen months ago I had discussions with certain beings on the Mothercraft of the Rescue Mission. At that time it appeared to be nearly impossible, but it was determined that my work in exposing Evil would finish in August 2004. Indeed, it is right on target.

Before I became physically aware of my identity as White Buffalo Woman I had no prior knowledge of the current legends about her. However, I knew I was once known as “White Buffalo Woman” and that I walked for a short while with a tribe known today as the Kiowa Apaches. I had always used the term “White Buffalo Woman” until I realised that the current (corrupted) legends used the word “Calf” in the name. I never felt comfortable with the word “Calf” associated with my name. I had also mentioned to certain ones that I did not feel an affiliation with the Lakota people. Steffan pointed to this concern that both of us had in his Uniting the Divine Mother, Jesus and White Buffalo Woman. He also pointed out in that article that he sensed corruption in the legends. I knew the legends were corrupted but I was given the mandate to “Walk the shoes, then blow it up!” This meant that I had to walk the shoes of the person in the corrupted legends until it was time to expose the corruption in the legends.

Following this mandate, Steffan and I had to accept the corrupted version and walk it just as though it were true. We even naturally named two of Angie's pups Miracle and Rainbow, which are the names of two of the white buffalo calves born recently, and we did not know of these two names of the calves at the time. Steffan even stated in the article that I had walked with the Lakota people 2,000 years ago in order to give them an opportunity to come forward and right the wrongs of the past. But, none came forward with the truth. Thereafter, Steffan contacted them and many other tribes, telling them that White Buffalo Woman has returned.

I had very little physical-mind knowledge of the Native American cultures before I started the Work. My first encounter with anything Native was the appearance of two American Indians called One Feather and White Cloud. I was still very Christian orientated in those days so it was quite a surprise for me. However, I soon remembered that when I was a child One Feather had often come to me in dreams and in waking hours during my playtime in the woods. One Feather is no other than Haidakhan Babaji, who was one of those who White Buffalo Woman actually did walk with on Earth.

I would have been very uncomfortable expressing primarily as White Buffalo Woman in the early days of my work. In fact, I would have felt uncomfortable assuming any of the three roles mentioned in Steffan's article had I not personally experienced and awakened to who I was - I “remember”.

It is very timely and fitting that White Buffalo Woman should play the finishing part of the work. This will become clearer when you read my next posting.

I told Steffan that we were waiting to connect with two Native Americans. Steffan thought it might be the Hopi elder called Dan Evahema, but when he tried to contact him he learned that he had passed away. Weeks passed and one day someone brought to our attention a posting by a Cherokee elder.

In response to his posting I wrote him a letter signed “White Buffalo Calf Woman”. Of his own accord, he later posted it under the title Letter from the White Buffalo Calf Woman. This letter has brought many positive email responses. The posting of it opened the door for my public introduction as White Buffalo Calf Woman. I am normally a very private person, but I had to allow this to happen so that certain energies could be released and the final phase of the work could begin.

As it turned out, he is a part of the Fifth Amoeba that I have been awaiting all these years. At the time of his posting, he was being attacked by a person named Grayeagle who claims to be a Lakota elder and the “fire keeper” for all Native Indians. He also claims to be appointed by his creator.

An Ojibwa elder also came forward to defend him against Grayeagle. Grayeagle was undoubtedly involved in the threatening letter to various ones which resulted in me writing White Buffalo Calf Woman's Letter of Warning About Those Who Use the Dark Arts. Steffan wrote a letter to thank the Ojibwa elder for defending the Cherokee elder and Steffan later sent him links to Shattering the Cube and Break Point - Shattering the Cube Part 2.

After reading those postings, the Ojibwa elder asked Steffan a very pertinent question about how I knew those things. Steffan responded by sending him the article announcing who I was.

The elder's immediate reply showed that he had a lot of in depth knowledge of what is going on that he did not readily share with others and he immediately recognised me.

One of the things that he said was that when the White Buffalo Woman returns she would retrieve the Sacred Pipe from the inner Earth. Most of you are aware that I already travelled to the inner Earth where I was given (I retrieved) the “soul” of the Earth (Sacred Pipe).

Another thing he reported was that there would be an eradication of Evil. He said that he would be striking the drum which would signify the time for the pure-hearted children of the Creator to return Home. He was waiting for the Pure Energy that he was promised (this is the New Green Energy). He was waiting for a sign from the Creator to begin his drumming. He sensed the time for the drumming was drawing near. At the time when he connected with me by email he was in the process of making a special drum for the drumming. He did not know that earlier on in May, I had written, “soon the drumming will begin” in my letter to the Cherokee elder which was posted publicly. This was written before I encountered the Ojibwa elder.

The Ojibwa elder is part of the Fourth Amoeba which I have been awaiting all these years. Thus, I have found both elders through email. As many of you know, I do not use email anymore, but these emails were very necessary parts of the work. I confirmed for the Ojibwa elder that he was the drummer chosen to do the Sacred Drumming. In fact, before I met him, I was wondering how on Earth the drumming could begin soon if the drummer had not been found. Yet, inwardly I was certain that the drumming would begin as planned. Now, the drummer has come forward, the drum is ready, and the Sacred Drumming will soon begin.

The drummer stated that he “saw” Steffan as White Buffalo Calf Woman's protector and he appeared to be either Apache or Comanche. This took great courage because it goes directly against the Lakota legend that White Buffalo Calf Woman walked amongst the Lakota Indians. I had not given the drummer the slightest hint that White Buffalo Calf Woman did NOT walk with the Lakota people.

On the 16th of August, I was impressed that it was finally time to bring forward the truth about the legend of White Buffalo Woman. Co-incidentally (nothing is by co-incidence), Grayeagle, who is obviously incensed by my writings by White Buffalo Calf Woman on the xeeatwelve site, posted an article on 17th August that impliedly denounced me as White Buffalo Calf Woman because he claimed that White Buffalo Calf Woman would only return to the Lakota people because she promised she would. He argued that the Lakota people had a direct link to the Creator. Of course these claims are not true. However, Grayeagle's article is timely for me as it opens the door for my next posting, which I had already written before I saw his article, although I had withheld posting it for many reasons. I will make it public on 21st August 2004.

Thus the truth about White Buffalo Woman will finally be revealed. This is our final battle with Darkness before the commencement of the Sacred Drumming. After the Sacred Drumming is done I shall begin in earnest the healing of the total spirit, which has never been done before because it was not time to do so. This healing will be done primarily in the subtle in preparation for the journey Home.

The Sacred Drumming signifies the release of the New Green Energy to do its work. The New Green Energy will activate the spirit of all viable True beings, including the workers of the Light and all classes of consciousnesses, in preparation for their journey Home. Such ones may not realise it in the physical, but their spirits will recognise it. This will also be the time that Kirok, Ikluk and their cohorts will finally be dealt with.

After the commencement of the Sacred Drumming there will be a partial pickup for some people. This will probably be a physical pickup of bodies and consciousnesses without the people dying off. They will end up in a spacecraft. Others will have their consciousnesses picked up which will leave their bodies on automatic pilot. Yet others will have their physical bodies die off and their consciousnesses picked up. Whichever way any of you are involved, do not be afraid, and you should not do anything to take matters into your own hands, as that could spell disaster for you. Do not worry if you are not amongst those picked up in the first round. You could be amongst those who will stay here until the very end.

It is indeed a joyous time. Our work is finally coming to a victorious conclusion and we will soon be going Home.

My blessings to all the children of A-itu, which means: The Eternal Flame, The Divine Mother Absolute.

I have spoken. And so it is.

Take my Love with you always,